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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

sunny side up

Matt Spak inspired photo^^
Untitled by spurrt at Garmin Connect - Details the loop of the beach trail.

The sun is out and I'm Lovin it! Even if I spend most of the day looking at it and not out enjoying it on the bike.On tonight's ride I could almost feel the cancer piercing my skin what a feeling after a long but short winter.

Today at work the boss spent the day at the dentist so Jacob was the sub.He hasn't been brought back to work because the owners say there isn't enough work but come Monday there will be and he will be back full time.Over the last couple weeks I've been working I have been telling him there is enough work and they are just being a little tight, well he got a taste of the busyness today.Lets just say from open until the time we left we either had a wrench in our hand or selling a bike. Good times.

Ride was done on the beach trail with Jacob with some sprints mixed in.For some reason that trail brings the pain and in a short amount of time.We were talking about it tonight and Jacob and I are going to host a ride leaving from my house and finishing off with a lap of the trail.It will be a good chance for those who don't know our little piece of heaven to experience it.More on that later.

hot stuff.

So the weather is looking up for this week which is a super duper plus because I have some longish rides to log in.Also this just in Jacob will make an appearance at work tomorrow so it should be some good times.

Ride wise I did my usual beach trail loops and some car racing sprints on the way home.Knee warmers were the only stay warm piece of kit needed so I liked that. I think my tan is coming in nicely, skin tone is I think close to taupe.Long ride tomorrow so better get some sleep.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 Dwarfs

During the MNS ride tonight I was thinking what to write about when somehow I thought I could link almost everyone who confirmed of maybed or declined to the event to a dwarf. This thought of course happened some time after my muddy arrival to the song The Bad Touch.The Subaru was steamy and the air was getting thick so Jacob and I hit the trails.

Trail conditions were alright with some patches of snow in spots and the sandy areas soft but the only damage done was to our legs from the power draining quick sand.Good chats and a good test near the end to see if I was "worthy" enough to ride with sir Jacob at Mansfeild 50km thingy.I think I passed....

Near the end of the ride is were I got my Dwarf obsession and got down to linking people together to their Dwarf counter part. I started with the easy ones Matt>Sleepy,Andrew>Grumpy (there wasn't a Pissed dwarf so Grumpy it was), Jeremy>Doc, Liz>Happy, Me>Dopey, Jacob>Bashful and Tammy>Sneezy.It took a lot of thinking but I think I nailed it pretty good except there is no Snow White.hmmmm


Saturday, March 27, 2010

I fold

Today I missed The Collingwood Thing presented by AWI and it sound like I missed a good ride and time.Full details of the ride are posted on the AWI site along with some power data.The ride I did to replace didn't come near the vertical climbing which would have been nice to test the legs.I rode out towards sebright way to check out a culvert which collapsed on HWY 45.

The ride started with a lap of the beach trail then headed to HWY 45.The sun was out but so Jack Frost and the guy that makes wind.I was dressed very similar to what I was in the winter minus the plastic bags over the socks.I kept on the warm side the hole ride the only part of my body which was over heating were my hands which I solved by taking off the mitts and putting them back on when I lost feeling in my fingers.The collapsed culvert was about 55km out so by the time I got there the sun was full force and heating the spandex nicely.I was going to take a picture of the damage but I couldn't feel my hands and didn't want to drop my phone into the deep brown river.Road to my rents house for some cal intake at the store and then hit the road back for a hour intensity session to beat the dark.Arrived in Orillia in good time finishing the remainder of the time on the beach trail.The ride wasn't to bad it just would have been better in C-Wood, but there is always next time.

Tomorrow I am helping out at the farm doing some fencing so my ride will most likely be of the night verity.Looking forward to it but not as much as some more xc on Monday night.


Friday, March 26, 2010

the every othe day posting system

Hey remember me?? It seems I have fallen into a every other day posting system.I'll will try my best to rectify that.

Yesterdays ride was a endurance base kinda ride so I headed out towards Jacobs house so I wouldn't have to do the full workout by my self.We rode for I think 2 hours together which meant I only had to ride about two by my self.Riding it's self was pretty chilly with a fair amount of wind but the sun was making an appearance which is always a plus.I forgot to charge my watch so I'm not to sure how long I was out but I found some fairly good hilly roads on the way home so even if the ride was short I put in some really good climbs.

Today winter decided to come back so I decided to head out to the farm and help the folks out, in return they cooked me up a good home cooked meal.I'll be moving back out there for the summer season so home cooked meals will happen more often.I think that will be a huge part in me doing well this year.Good nutrition, lots of good food and good support.

Tomorrow Andrew organized a ride which is being called the Collingwood thing which I am sad to announce I wont be able to attend.I really wanted to because it sounds like my kind of ride, but being just the second week back at work I think I wont call in sick and just do a crappy ride here.I am sure more of theses rides will happen again.....I hope.

Song of the day.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

over easy

Todays training I opted for the shorter of the two choices,I'm just not motivated on Wednesdays. tomorrow will have to be the longer ride.I had to do some intervals so I took the TCR to the beach trail where I can do intense stuff with out getting hit by cars, I also like to give the cougars a show.

The ride isn't one of those exciting ones so there is not much to tell.I did see a few people I knew but when ever I saw them It was in the middle of a interval so the conversation was short.

Dinner on the other hand was brilliant.My friend/roommate and I made some McArgiles.A McArgile is pretty much a normal egg McMuffin but with our street name replacing the Muffin.We made a cyclist portion for the each of us which is kind of interesting because he isn't a cyclist nor does he burn that many cals.Anyway they were fantastic.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fitness singles....

I dont know why Fitness Singles is always the biggest advertisement but it is.Today the Giant sales rep came by the shop and dropped off a rather cool little prototype which was the Trinity Advanced.Being a prototype the frame was missing some cosmetic features and it had steel bolts and skewers.There was a offer to ride it but the Di2 was dead so that ended that.

I just read Jacobs blog and implied that he removed both pedals which he didn't.After he very non cyclistly removed the right one (which I spent ten minutes last night waking it with a seat post so I loosened it for him) I removed the left very superman like.I had to clear that one up,I felt that my man hood was in question.Other than that his blog told the story of our ride tonight rather well. The beach trail is under construction in some areas so it did get a little sketch in some spots but nothing the Michelin Pro Race3 tires and the Giant TCR Advanced 2 couldn't handle.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Trails are a go.

Tonight was the first night the mns crew could hit up the trails of the Midhurst forest.We met at the usual time and place with the lights mounted and the warm spandex.The Simcoe building looks to be building the great wall of simcoe in front of the trail entrance so it looks like we need to find a new starting point.

The ride started off in some rain but cleared right up after the first ten minutes.The trails were mostly cleared of that dreaded white stuff and all that was left was some mud.Or if tom asks it was dry with sun and butterflies.Only one major crash in the crew tonight and I'm not going to mention any names because even I don't know how it was possible.Good ride I'm super pumped now that I can mix it up in the training with some xc.

Oh I got some Carbon in the mail today too.I think I want a rematch with Mr.parker,maybe I'll have to make a trip to Midland.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

A hard rest day

Today's rest day was set a side for what is known as The pancake ride.The Pancake ride is basically riding from Second Cup Barrie to Shaws Maple Syrup shack for pancakes,fresh syrup,sausage and coffee.The day weather wise was overcast and a tad on the chilly side.On the way to the shack when ever you saw a blue town sign your job was to sprint and when you came to a huge hill your job was to climb it first.

We started at the coffee shop waiting for everyone to gather.Spak was late so we decided to head out with out him,unfortunately he was just outside the door getting dressed by his car. First climb was won by Brandon P followed by me taking the unofficial Oro Madonte sign sprint.After the major loss on the climb Jacob and I started our planning to take victory.Unfortunately it didn't work and Spak took the next sprint followed by Brandon taking Jacobs home town Sign of Hawkstone. Things weren't looking good so for the next hill climb Jacob and I decided to go on the non taped rail trail so that we could knock off a km and come out at the top of the climb.The plan succeed but when the others re-grouped they couldn't handle our creativity and said it didn't count and that Jeremy took the W.

In side we had our breakfast, some took longer than others but never the less good times.On a food report the Maple syrup was a good vintage and same with the sausage but the pancake it's self with no syrup was like a 6.Free coffee refills tho.

Ride home we decided to extend the ride for a couple hours and enjoy the day.First two sign sprint were a one two by Jacob and I followed with Jacob taking the last hill climb,Brandon killing Matt in Craighurst , a tie between Jacob and I in (I think its called) Spring Water.All I think the performance hybrid did well today but I will admit I am looking forward to the arrival of the TCR Advance.


Friday, March 19, 2010

cons of a lighter bike.

Last night I had to do a endurance work out which meant after work I would hop on the FCR and ride for 4 hours.The past couple months this would have been easy because the temperature was always cold but now I have to ride in 14 degree with sun for the first 2.5 hours and the rest in the cold dark night.The clothing was as follows under armor,normal kit,legs,gloves,head light,tail light. Both lights were put in the jersey pockets for the day light hours so I wouldn't look like a complete tool, also in the pockets were keys,phone and night time glasses.Lower back was killin but it's all in good training.

Another issue I seem to be having is as I am transitioning from the Mannondale to lighter bikes have have to travel longer distances.I am seriously considering riding the Manondale for training, it makes sense like for a 4 hour ride I would only have to do like 10 kms.The formula is basically take the distance you would normally do in that time and divide by 11.

Today's ride how ever was all done in the glorious sun.Met up with Jacob in the town of Hawkstone and hit the road.I would tell you where we went but I have no idea but it did seem like we climbed a lot.Weather was good wind was high and roads were clear.On the way back we saw a cyclist use his hand and arm to signal but we took it as "I'm heading this way bring the heat" so Jacob and I went out of our way to drop him.We were successful and dropped the larger man on the BMC cross bike equipped with power tap.As we were passing he gasped "I'm sure I have an excuse".Hit the road homeward and with a tail wind on our side we got er done in record time.Good ride good times.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

lookin good.

I tried out my new kit today and I must say I am looking hansom,or at least thats what my mommy told me.Todays ride was another rail trail adventure just loop after loop until your tired of loops.On the plus side to all the loops I am turning lot and in both directions so it's just a mad training session.I am riding my bro's FCR performance hybrid and it kind of has that mtb geometry which is really putting the pain into the lower back.I feel like im like 29 or something.

Jacob rode into the shop today bragging about being out in the sun all day and telling us about how good of a tan he is getting, needless to say I didn't care for that to much and would like to say if any one else does it I will send flying monkeys after you and they bite.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

wake up,eat,work,eat,work,eat,train,eat,sleep.

I started back at the Bike Stop on Monday and feeling the burn today.I have been so use to my training days that I had forgot what it feels like when you add work to the mix.I have been fairly hard pressed to stay awake past 1:30am and that time decrease nightly.As soon as work ended I went home tossed on the kit and hit the streets on the the FCR.

The sun was out and burning bright, this was much needed for the pearly skin.I had to log it some jumps, so I decided to ride on my training ground which is the Orillia beach trail.The trail is nice on the sunny day's for training because you get the obstacles which are your dog walkers,runners, people riding bicycles,walkers, joggers, strollers and wild life. Put in some good time and made it home before it got too cold.

Tomorrow is sounding like there could be a good ride around couch if everything goes to plan which would be awesome because I have to do a endurance ride for tomorrows work out.The ride would be like two hours and if I can do that with someone to talk to then I will only have to spend 1:45 with my imaginary cycling friend Fred Fernbuckle.Fred is crazy.....


Monday, March 15, 2010


Tonight Jacob and I went out to the MNS in Midurst.There was no event made so we ere the only ones that showed,I did inform Andrew but apparently he needs more than half a hour notice.

We pulled in the lot and the pines were looking super with hardly any snow on the forest floor. Geared up we hit the trails like it was the first time we had rode xc in 5 months.Started muddy then transitioned to ice followed with full on snow.We might have jumped the gun by a week or so but both looking forward to the MNS hoping back on the single speeds next week.

Forgot my extension so the hockey tape was busted out.Held together well but the neck is feeling it.

Just finished a new epp of Chuck and I got to say things are getting juicy I can't wait till next week.House is going on now and my pasta smells done so....


Friday, March 12, 2010

rain,windy and cold AWI must be coming back to town.

Today's ride was the opposite of what the last couple weeks have been with there being lots of rain, really windy and cold. Gearing up also took a little more time and thought, I had to put on the insulated tights,booties, under armor,beanie, gloves and sweat box.

I had to log in 3:30 on the bike so decided to head out towards Midhurst and if I got there in good enough time head to Sunnydale Corners to Ridge Road then home through Hawkstone.As it turned out the heavy winds and rain slowed the ride and the turn around spot was Midhurst.While I was there I mixed business with pleasure and check out the mtb trails, after 100 ft of trail riding I came to the conclusion come Monday I could be riding the viper ripin up some trail.

Ride home there was a lot more rain which meant my gloves were soaked which also meant my hands were frozen for the first time in over a month.The wind also picked up a lot and it didnt seem to matter which way I turned I was hitting it.Riding on the 15/16th I had to make a decision whether or not to make the ride longer by going into Hawstone and then Lake Shore, looked at the watch and I was at 3:00 hrs so just booted it home. Cals,hot shower and coffee now Im ready for tomorrow 2hrs.


Thursday, March 11, 2010


Just got back from a fixie ride in the sun and now sitting down with a brew enjoying summer. Today I did a little Hawkstone to Barrie ride with Lizard and Jacob,we were planning out sign sprints and hill climbs for the up coming pancake ride.I am super pumped but unfortunately I don't think the Giant will make it here in time, apparently they are updating the computers and wont be able to ship out until Monday or Tuesday.

Yesterday Jacob and I headed out to do the big shoot loop from my house here in Orillia.I forgot to charge the watch so I couldn't map it but the ride was something close to 115 kms with head wind and sun. The roads were fairly clear traffic wise but did get rather sandy up near the locks, nothing the FCR and TCR couldn't handle.We stopped for pee break at brendo's rock and took in some of that summer like heat.Near the end of the ride I was getting that lack of food and water head bonk and Jacob tried to take advantage and make a break for it which didn't make since because the legs still had lots of fight and like pistons from a Bugatti Veyron I matched his speed increase and didn't slow it down until he let up.

On the rides recently there has been a lot of conversion on what this season will be like for me.It has been the most I have trained over the winter and the strongest I have felt.Heather has built a nice base it feels and I'm really looking forward to testing it out.I have no idea what is in store for me this season and for the next.There has been a little talk of maybe doing a couple road races this year and seeing if I can perform a little better there.I still have lots to learn in cross country and going to give it my all this coming season all I can do is giv'er.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

not today but tomorrow.

Hey gents and gals I am sorry to say I did nothing worth writing about today, so I will fill you in on some plans for tomorrow and say my good nights.

Tomorrow's ride will be leaving my house and going out towards The Big Chute.Jacob will also be joining me and we will be leaving at 11:30 on the dot....ish.Weather looks good and hopefully will be able to make a 3:40ish loop in the sun.Clothing I think will mostly consist of shorts with knee warmer and jersey.

On a non training note I might also call up Giant and get them to send down a TCR Advanced so I have it in time for the pancake ride.Will fill you in on the details tomorrow night.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Please don't tell my mother....

I am currently in transition back to a normal sleeping pattern as I am expected back at Bike Stop Orillia at the start of next week.This being so I will skip to the work out session of the day as I'm feeling a little tired here at 12:10am.

I got a text from Jacob asking if I would meet him out at Hardwood after he was done work for a night ride,I accepted the invitation and headed out.I was a little rushed getting dressed so when it came to decided if I should light up I decided not to in interest of saving time.So head light out I went to grab the tail light off the passenger seat of my car only to find someone must had sat on it killing the battery's. Now I'm only at a single LED flasher on the front of my bike Just so on coming car either passing or turning can see me.

Hit the roads just as the sun was setting which was really beautiful,but that beauty soon turned to darkness.In the winter when I ride light less the snow kind of brightens everything up and you can see but tonight and it being spring that was not the case.I decided to take it easy to Hardwood and give cars lots of room.One dog and a cigarette bud later I arrived for my foamy beverage. Lizard was there as well so the three of us talked while we waited fo the last of the skiers to vacate.

We took the longer root back to Hawkstone and talked about the up coming season and clubs we may or may not join.Traffic wasn't bad and the ride went smooth like it should. Jacob left me at Hawkstone and I continued light less towards Orillia.I could just make out where the pavement turned to gravel and was confident that the ride would be alright.My first encounter with a car came next, since I don't have a head light they cant see me and since they can't see me they don't turn off their high beams and if they don't turn them off their light it burns my retinas and I can't look away because I have to keep an eye out in case they try something crazy and drift in my direction and after they pass I'm blind and the hole getting use to the dark starts over.Same story for all 9 cars.

Being spring I guess all the wild life are coming out to play much like the humans are.After the second crash crack bang clack sound coming from the dark forest I thought to my self what would happen if a deer was standing on the road? I cant see him, can he hear me? if I hit him would it be soft?or would we hit causing me to fall,then said deer would proceed to spear me with his horns?would he make a funny sound as he gored me?What if it was a pack of raccoons, would they send in their young to jump one by one into my spokes causing a bail of epic proportions?after they found out I was a cyclist with no body fat, would they leave me for the squirrels? These were all thought going through my mind and when I heard the third crash crack bang clack the chill ride turned time trial.

Arrived home to some pasta in the pot, Chuck and house on T.V and a small glass of wine.I'm heading to the store for some battery's for the tail light tomorrow, maybe even plug in the head light just in case.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feelin good.

Today was the ending of a slow week in my training world and what a day.I wasn't suppose to put in to much time so I decided to head out to Hardwood Ski and Bike for a coffee and to rub the nice weather in Jacks face.

I had left my cycling bag in the car so when I went to grab it and noticed how nice and warm it was outside I decided to make today the firs short and jersey ride.Headed out towards Hawkstone feeling the rays on my pearl white skin and breaking through a massive head wind.The wind cooled me down a bit but whenever I hit a hill and the wind wasn't present the warmth came back in full force.

Pulled into HWSAB only to notice that the parking lots were just one big giant mud fest.Grabbed a foamy beverage,talked to Jacob,rubbed the heat in Jacks face then headed out.The ride home I had a tale wind so the heat was more noticeable and was much enjoyed.I decided to hit the beach trail as well but had to get off because I was scaring people right into my bike.

I dont know what the plan for this week is, but hoping for some long rides.It seemed once Ben and Andrew left the heat came,hopefully the heat doesn't leave when the get back...


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Headed south.

Today the lads and I headed south to the banana belt which is Toronto for the bike show and Joy Ride 150.The meeting spot was Spaks house to see if all the bike and gear would fit in das German auto after all it's no AWI team van.I arrived on time where as Jacob was fashionably late, I guess we switched roles for the day.After playing a game of stack-a-bike-in-das-German-auto we sped out of Waubaushene and headed to a place the elders call the "big smoke".

Arrived at the show trembling but alive, Matt is craaazy.We did a sweep of the place twice and then a third to make sure, on the way seeing some familiar faces (Deena Brooks, Mitch Brooks, Kristin Brooks, Cayley Brooks, Lizard Ross, Jeremy Simmons, Don, Andrew Lafever*, Chris Wong and Lloyd).Please note I know I could have said the Brooks family but that's not how I role.There wasn't a hole lot to interest Jacob or I so we looked and found a handle bar for Matt then headed out.

Joy Ride started the same cold cold cold foam pit.After some fooling around it was straight to the xc course for some "training".I was told to do 1 hour at race pace but that failed 17 minutes in when I hit a steel door frame with my waist at 15kmh.After too much time on that course you get way to confortable going fast that it's dangerous.I then retired to the expert skinnys where I actually road everything boosting my confidence level to a all new high.Three hours one almost back flip from Jacob and it was time to head back to the cold north.

Before I go just a little congratulations is in order for Norco factory team rider Andrew Watson, he has been selected to the pan am championships team, in Guatemala on april 11th, and then shortly after that he'll be heading to the first two world cups first one is, Dalby Forest in England and the second being the infamous Houffalize. Just recently he got the official invites so he's pretty excited about those races. Three new countries, three new courses, two new languages he will not be able to speak.(there may or may not have been some copy and past and I may or may not have switched all the "I"or"I'll" with "he"or"he'll")

The door frame.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Denfending the manondale

Just read Jacobs blog and went straight here to defend my Manondales name.First of all the aluminum, fendered, racked, suspension seat posted(broken), cross tire Manondale is like 13 lbs heavier than Jacobs carbon fiber TCR, secondly the only time the TCR managed to gain time of sorts was climbing Horseshoe valley. That I put on a busy road which when the Manondale caught the bike in question the road was to busy for a pass causing a slow down in cadence which then lead to some hurt in the muscles.There was no dropping of any kind happening today.Bottom line the porsche cayenne (Manondale) kept up rather well with the Telsa Roadster (TCR) and it didn't have to avoid puddles.

Good ride though I have a video of the ski trail ride but there was more walking than riding coming out of the TCR it would have been embarrassing.I'm hoping for this weather to continue and look forward to what looks like a promising weekend.


What do you do when you can't lift your legs??

This morning was a rough awakening, I could hardly move and had to use the mens room somthing fierce.After about half a hour I sucked of lying in be I manned up and got up.As the day progressed walking did get a little easier and it wasn't until the gym where I did a nice stretching season I was able to walk normally (pain still present).Really the only pain that is bothering me is my right big toe, the poor fellow feels a little broken.

Jacob texted in a ride for tomorrow at 11:00 so tonight will have to be early, I'm thinking 3:00am should be just right.Also there is a bike show trip in the making for friday so I'm fairly pumped about that.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Marathon attemt 1

Today I decided to attempt a marathon run from my Orillia home to my Sebright home.I started this dream a couple weeks ago when I ran for the first time in a year and did 17.5kms.I hurt pretty bad by the end of that but it was more shin splints, stuff I could push through if I wanted to.

The run started in the sun, I think the temperature was even in the low pluses and continued until 6:00.For the first 20kms the same pain I had felt on the 17.5 was present but I pushed on, however the next 4.5 I started to feel some huge pain in what felt like the groin and that was a pain I couldn't get over. It got so bad I couldn't make full steps and there was nothing left to do but crawl into the forest and wait for death to take me.My friend Justin was on his way but before he picked me up he had to stop for some A&W, as I got into the car he had finished the last bite and left me nothing but the smell.At home I am finding walking is very difficult same as bending over I can't do that either.I might wait a while for another attempt, but we will see.

Tomorrow I had a 2hr ride planned but I might switch it with Thursdays rest so I can ride with Jacob.Another will see decision.

video of the day.


Monday, March 1, 2010


Another Mns came and left but lets start with Sunday.

Sunday started with a early morning Ice fishing trip at 5:30 and since I got to sleep at 4 I basically had a nap then hit the lake.Started the morning right with a nice breakfast combo at McDonald's, nothing special just a burrito combo with a side sausage McMuffin. Spent the morning out but I didn't catch anything, I knew I should have brought my Maxwell house.Arrived home and passed out for a four hour nap.

Woke up to a text from Jacob wanting to go for a snowshoe, so I packed the car and headed out.I was running late so when I got there I decided to make up for it by pulling into the not plowed 8th line driveway.The first eight feet were good but that 8' 1" was just too soft for the car and I fell into the deep stuff.Needless to say when a AWD car get stuck it's really stuck.We decided to leave it until we got back and headed out into the melting heavy snow.The snowshoe was hard because off this and was twice the workout of what we original thought it would be.On the way back to the cars I called my sister to come and give me a tow because there was just no way Jacob and I could get it out.Being competitive persons we did try to get it out before she arrived but with no success.With a couple big jerks from another Subaru the car was free.

Mns seemed to be dragging, it didnt seem like any of us wanted to really snowshoe but just to chat.Maybe it's because it's time for a change in scenery, like I mean instead of snowshoeing on snow we need to be riding on dirt.It does seem spring is near and I'm itching for it to be here soon.


longer mns post tomorrow night

It has been a long day so I will post a longer one with the mns happenings tomorrow night.