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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fixi ride and a ride with Jesus

So saturdays fixie ride was another MNS classic hit.I was the first to arrive so I got into the beer while Matt and Robin (or Robyn) were taking a shower (at separate times).Every one else started to roll in shortly there after.Jacob and I had built a new Tandem for the ride and every one seem eager to see how it would all work out, so we hit the waub a dub dub trail to the pub.Since the Tandem was a fixed gear and comes standard with out brakes, every one seemed to have a 20 ft rule.Jacob and I didnt mind this and we passed the time with some circus like maneuvers and Tom Foolery.We managed to get the Man on the back 360(TM.) down pat and also the Man on the back stands on cross bar and pees while man on front pedals(TM.) down as well.

Soon enough we were at the pub and ready for food.The last visit we had at this pub the food service was slow and you will be glad to hear that they didn't change and food service was still not set to Rabbit. We didn't mind as there was a lot to talk about with our waitress Hilary.Like, her favorite dark beer is Bud and.......Thats really all I gathered.When Jacob corrected Hillary by saying "Bud is not a dark beer" she replied with "I don't know it's in a dark bottle."After a lot of sweet potato fries, burger and beer we tried to get Hillarys digits, failed then bounced back to Matts.

Ride home was tame with it still being light out so Jacob and I tried to shake things up with some hide and go seek.That also failed so we settled with a fire at Matts.However Matt has a big pool of water beside the fire pit which I think is suppose to be a pond but isn't flowing, so it acts like a mosquito breeding ground which in turn made unbearable to be out side.After moving the party indoors we chatted for a bit then head out.Good night and good times.

Today I had to do an endurance ride so I went on an adventure to find another way into Orillia. 130kms later I managed to find my way into town and back again.This being Sunday I knew I could risk getting lost because Jesus would be in my back pocket looking out for me because there's an app for that.....On that note I got lots of sun and lots of kms and that made the day swell.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

super fast update

So just a fast little update to let yall know what I have been up to the last few weeks.On the racing front I havn't found my groove yet and struggling for another yea in the single track.I know I have to get out there more but riding that darn road bike is just a lot easier of a choice.Mountain view O cup was one of my worst races to this day and made the road bike look like a better option again. Fitness wise I feel strong but when you cant flow through the single track that doesn't mean a hole heck of a lot.I think I might try and get out a couple times a week before Buckwallow and start fresh.