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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I lied, but on the plus side I found my inner Glassford.

Not much on the training side...Just gym and stuff.On the other hand I have been looking into a good diet.I headed over to Peters blog and the stuff looks tasty but I think I would need a mini Peter (I would keep him caged of course, you cant trust little people.) to cook it for me.I could go with a Tammy but I would hate to take her away from Jer...So with those options out I headed to youtube and found a nice group of Canadians that seem to have the cooking thing down pat.They even calculate the cals for you! It looks like they are starting up a online cooking show so every tuesday will be something new!The show is even funny to watch so I'll keep interested, which is a plus I would say.check one of their episodes out HERE



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A post before a post

I think I might do something in the way of becoming a fitter me tonight so there will most likely either be an edit to this post or a hole new one.Pretty sweet eh?? Could be two in one day!!If your not excited don't worry I have enough excitement built up for all of us.

Last night Justin invited me to join him on a road trip to buffalo to drop is sister off at the airport.I thought it would be a good idea to tag along to see if they would still let me in after the mishap two years ago.Sure enough they did but not with out some convincing. Apparently when ever I want to go state side I have to bring my hole financial plan and proof that I'm not going to stay there.My house and I are thinking of trying to attend mardi gras again this year so for that trip I think I make like a "going to the USA travel bag" It will hold all the necessities for gaining access to the states. Example: it will have my financial advisor Brian (probably put him in the big pocket),maybe a canadian flag with the words "why would I leave" stitched in and maybe I'll include a picture of Sarah Palin with the words "enough said".I don't know but I have a couple of months to figure it so I'm not worried.The trip was long though, we left at 11:00pm and didn't get home till 6:00am so my days are officially swapped.Ill be albino in no time..I might be back but it will probably be late so dont wait up....Or do....or don't....or dooo.....



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

total eclips

So last night I went out to the valley for a Monday night snowshoe with the group.It had been a while since my heart rate had been above resting (actually during the Victoria Secret show I think I was in tempo) but I held on an made it through. The group was separated between boys and girls, Liz and her crew (Roz and Mandy) and Jacob and his crew (Jer and myself).I have no idea what this girls were talking about but my best guess would be me...I am after all a pretty handsome dude.Us boys chatted mostly about cars and man rides, you know guy stuff.After all that fun out in the snow Jacob handed me a u-brew and we all dove into the hot tub.Im not sure that was the best idea for my already tight muscles but it defiantly had to be done.

Arrived home and Justin turned on "Get Him to the Greek" followed up with "The Town".Both pretty good films.Justin laughed a little more than I did during "Get Him to the Greek" but I'm hard to please.The Town had some pretty good action senes and Blake Lively but fell sort with Ben Affleck and all the actors trying so hard to put on a Boston accent that you have to be from Boston to understand what the heck they are saying.However both are worth a watch.After the films we caught wind there was a moonier eclips going down so we ran outside to take a look. Unfortunately it took so dang long to find the moon it was pretty near over. Oh well eh.

Heres a vid for ya'all (video is rated PG13, it may contain coarse language, viewer discretion is advised.The video content does not necessarily reflect the views of T.S.C.E )

Also from the guys that brought us "I'm on a boat" and "mother lover" here is their new song (video is rated PG13, it may contain coarse language and sexual content, viewer discretion is advised.The video content does not necessarily reflect the views of T.S.C.E )



Thursday, December 16, 2010

deep impact

Last night I headed out for my first snowy ride.The roads were covered and the cars were out in full force driving people to shop shop shop.The original purpose of the ride was to pedal away some stress and to just think, but as it turns out thats hard to do while your trying to keep yourself alive. Foot came dow in the middle of two intersection, one almost head on collision and many icy slips. The ride had to be cut a little short due to frost bitten toes but over all a good time out doors.I have been writing this post for a couple days now so Ill update what I have been up to.Ummmmmm watching family maters and helping the parents....yup thats about it.Cheers


P.S Andrew if you are reading this take a lookski

Thursday, December 9, 2010

sick......but feeling better today

Im looking for a new pic for the top there so if anyone has a super cool one pass it on and you will be rewarded with not having to look at the old one the next time you visit T.S.C.E.



Monday, December 6, 2010

Man Points

Just made a bit of a point system to guide us through. Suggestions are welcome.


- one point per minute

- five points for each degree below zero

- no fuel stops =+20

- for every 1000 ft climbed =+10

- Sketchy/busy road= +10

- Dangerous vehicle encounter ie. snow low =+10 per vehicle

- different weather conditions= +20per (snow,rain,sleet,heavy wind…….)

- hill climb bonus=+25 per


-nice weather= -15 per (sun,no wind, no rain, no snow….)

-riding partner=-20 per hour

-not finishing planned route=-50

-fuel stop= -50

Sunday, December 5, 2010

it was dark,cold and snowing so I rode

Like the titles says it was the perfect conditions for a nice little road ride around the block.This was my second time out for a long while and I'm still spinning.I rode like 25kms ish in like an hour so the pace was that of a pregnant squirrel.On those kind of recovery rides the best part is the time to think and just solve all your problems.The down side however at -7 there isn't a hole lot of body heat being produced to keep a brother warm. By the time I pulled into home riding down the stairs to the shed was a little sketch...

Part of my cool down (warm up) was a nice stretching session which left the knees feeling like 80 bucks.It feels good to be out again after such a long time away.I'm hoping for Peters speedy recovery.



Thursday, December 2, 2010

This ones for you,

So I read I'm falling behind on my post count. So this ones for you.Not much happend in the day other than some moca making and relaxing by the old computer.People say you have to treat injury with R.I.C.E so that what I did.It wasn't till later last night that I decided to test out the winter bike and star familiarizing my body to the chill which is winter.

Started the assembly of the winter gear, which only took 15 minutes so you know the training season is just getting started.The purpose of the ride was not only for the test of the bike but to test the ever going knee pain I have be blessed with.The two solders have been feeling better so I figured a spin around the beach trail would do them good.Two kms down the road lefty poped into cycling mode and we continued on our way.Righty didn't pop and felt good the entire ride, which in my opinion is a good thing.

Down at the beach I was expecting to run into the 24hr 7 days a week trail patrol (people that choose to not live in a home) but thankfully the only things a saw were one teenager and a cat.The wind was brisk coming off the lake and my fall ring gloves weren't cutting the cake.I decided at that point it was time to head home.

Back at base I got de-suited and hoped on my little ball to loosen up the muscles. Stretching and foam rolling were also part of the post workout.So 35 minute bike and 1:10 post fix me upper.not bad Id say.



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter, well a winter bike

I just arrived home from he shop building the new 2011 winter bike.Its basically my rocky cross bike but with poopy components on it.A couple things I'm worried about though. First on the list the carbon fork, can carbon handle cold??I honestly don't know.What I do know is when we are riding down scenic caves road on Man Ride 2.0 I don't want an exploding fork.Second Item on the list of worries is the bikes name.Last year I had a Cannondale touring bike which I referred to as the Mannondale, which made since and had a nice ring to it.But Rocky Mountain??Every time I try to incorporate "man" into the name it sounds to close to Broke Back Mountain... I haven't seen the movie and I'm sure its really good but it's just not the relation I want my bicycle having.So with that I'm back to the drawing board.Maybe once I do something manly on it the bike will just tell me.

Since it took so long to build the bike I think I might cancel the ride I had planned tonight and move it to tomorrow.It will be my first ride in almost a month I think, so hopefully I haven't forgot.