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Monday, November 21, 2011

A new Spak

There isnt really a new Matt but Andrew is taking over his role as daily blogger.Someone had to do, Andrew I think you'll do great things with your new role.

Sunday got out for a nice group ride in the Valley with Jer,Tammy,Jacob,Andrew and Peter. The route was an "adventure" so no one but Andrew knew the route and I still dont even after riding it.Solid trails though, groomed and smooth.Peter might have to look back on some tech tuesdays though because his 30lb bike is less reliable than his racing rig and thats not how 30lb bikes role.

Looks like some good weeks to come and looking forward to riding them.Monday night ride tonight in Midhurst.Should be goodly fun.



song of well my life,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did you hear those shots?

Been getting in some good rides over the last couple days.Met up with Tammy, Jer and Andrew on sunday for what turned out to be probably the best group ride for a long while.It had all the necessities- great weather, temperature,trails and company. Lots of laughs and just the right amount of Tammy getting lost but not enough of Pete, gotta fix that Pete before you head south...

Tonight was MNS and they seem to be going in they way of "it's not all about the ride but about the entrance as well" so Jacob and I whipped together "the burning car" entrance.

Step 1- what is required is one sheet of plywood,one Paris to Ancaster T, can of super lube,lighter and a bunch of fireworks.

Step 2-Set up the wood,T, and lube out of site and on your vehicles roof and light er up.

Step 3-last step is to drive to the pre arranged meeting spot while shooting fireworks out of your vehicles window.

Solid entrance,thanks to the other cyclist whom warned us there were hunters hunting at night and thanks for the ride!

Andrew,good rough housing tonight. I think we both have a lot of this to do before next season cough



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

feeling ducky

Well because I'm "training" again you get another post.Monday night ride was pretty sweet.Jacob and I drove the Subaru down the fire roads through the forest to meet the rest of the crew at the meeting parking lot.A lot of low hanging branches and trees out there so one bike dismout was required and one more should had have happened.The Giant clipped one branch taking it off the roof racks.Pulled a spoke but nothing serious enough for me not to ride it.

Jacob and I discussed on our travels that since a newb was showing up we should put the hammer down occasionally for initiation. I guess we'll see if he shows up next week.Mark also showed up after weeks of vacationing.Nice to see him again.Watson confessed his love to the 29 inch wheel and even said quote "my 29er saved my life".I like the "new style" of MNS seems theres a lot more rough housing and battles then there use to be.Riding is made fun when there is an element of death.....

Today I got out for a nice soak in oro.Not to exciting another then the near death by line 9 and 15/16th.I've been riding with music lately which has been nice but occasionally you find yourself in sticky situations.I couldn't hear the dogs coming so by the time I noticed them they were already at the yellow line.Really I had two options which was to brake and reduce the chance of being T-boned or pedal to the pavement and ride the gravel.Chose option 2 and took the W.Finished off the ride safe.Good times



Friday, November 4, 2011

Back to the future!

Ya, I'm back.I've been riding on a solid basis so I feel it's time to bore y'all with the details.Knees aren't clicking on day to day use so thats awesome..Just took a solid year!Couple big things in the mix but I'll keep them on the DL till they materialize.I'll give you a taster however and tell you that my main goal set is to domate the fall 8 with fellow non team member Andrew Watson(dont stand me up)..Also The Tour De France(its a long shot but who can blame a man for dreaming).So keep tuned for those who are left following this blog of mine!At least I'm coming back during training season because everyone knows its the only season to read blogs.Especially a blog which put Man Ride on the map.

Keep up peeps, man season is here!