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Monday, December 6, 2010

Man Points

Just made a bit of a point system to guide us through. Suggestions are welcome.


- one point per minute

- five points for each degree below zero

- no fuel stops =+20

- for every 1000 ft climbed =+10

- Sketchy/busy road= +10

- Dangerous vehicle encounter ie. snow low =+10 per vehicle

- different weather conditions= +20per (snow,rain,sleet,heavy wind…….)

- hill climb bonus=+25 per


-nice weather= -15 per (sun,no wind, no rain, no snow….)

-riding partner=-20 per hour

-not finishing planned route=-50

-fuel stop= -50


  1. I think those are pretty bang on, but what constitutes a "hill climb" is there maybe some overlap with the per 1000 feet of climbing?

    or will there be defined hills and points for each categorized climb? If so we should clearly have a list of said climbs.

  2. I was thinking bonus points for the big ones. Could be something we can make a list and or mention the hill and the rest of us could agree or disagree on it worthiness.