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Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have been wanting to re do the time trail for a while now but with 24hrs and such it just hasnt happened.Andrew had told me the night before that he was going out to put one last burn in his legs before the flight out west.Andrew has been feeling a bit down ever since 60+ year old Jack Sassiville open a can of whoop ass on him two weeks ago, so I figured I'd go out and give him someone to ride a way from.

The plan was to go to the gym and stretch out the back and hamy's before the race.I arrived at the Phoenix and did my thang however on the way out got to chatting with the owner for a bit longer than expected and had 15 minutes to get to the race. I pulled in with 5 minutes to spare and to Andrew who looked like he was about to send me a "you stood me up you bastard" text.Hoped on the steed road to the stop sign on the 7th and then lined up.

After some attempts to crush Andrew mentally and he headed out it was my turn to go. I blasted away from the start with 3 minutes of warm up in the legs and was in pursuit of the Dr. and victory.However no matter how hard I pushed I could close the gap.While I was eating my Reeses Pieces for the 3rd time that evening I laid down the last effort on the last climb before the finish now going for my personal best.Successful in the PB made all the regurgitating and 22:08 minutes of pain worth it.Oh and because of me Andrew also had a PB on that course and will most likely take that boost in confidence and go on to winning nationals.

This weekend is the buck of the wallow O-cup which I'm still questioning racing.I'm going to pre-ride the course Saturday and make my decision.


Monday, July 5, 2010

24/22/23 hour of summer soltice

Matt and i decided mid winter we would tag team the 24hr and kick some endurance athlete bum.As always the idea of racing a 24 in winter sounds a lot better than it does come race day.The morning of the race I woke to the sound of rain hamming down on the steel roof out side my bedroom window.So I grabbed my muffin (A small, cup-shaped quick bread, often sweetened) and headed to the race.Mid way I received a text from Jacob stating that it was not raining down there and there was nothing but blues sky's and butterflies.Upon arrival I realized the Jacob was a jerk and it was raining.

The go ahead was granted for me to start so I suited up and Matt headed to the start with his chair to save me a premo spot.Just as I was tossing my leg over the bike Matt came rolling in and reported a 1hr delay.10 minutes to 1:00 Shaun came rolling in reporting a 2:00 start.Track pants went on followed by a cozy sweater. 1:30 came quick so I ripped off the F-my-life kit and headed to the start where Mr.Matt had been warming me a spot.Start line was pretty packed full of good riders so I was a little nervous, pep talk from Andrew and a "dont go fast" from Matt I was ready to race.

The gun went off and we flew up the starting loop like trailer flying through the air in Midland. I was with the lead group until the first single track when a little Matt popped up on my shoulder and told me to slow down.Went through the next couple kms with a steady pace until I spotted the main group again and a miniature Jacob popped up on my shoulder and said "na na na na boo boo"power went on to catch some ground.Caught up with Jacob who had been dropped off the back do to brakes or something, he was riding a nice solid ride so I stuck with him to the end of my first lap.Into transition I went expecting Andrew to be there because a couple nights before he told me he was going to ride with me for a few laps in the morning.I guess you can't trust those Elite Amateur Athletes anymore....

Nothing really exciting happened from then to the next morning other than me eating,cleaning bikes,talking to the ladies (The SPakles),getting tired, Oh and on one of my night laps getting redirected through poison ivy because someone hit a tree and died. It wasn't until my 3:00am double did things change.I swapped over to Andrews light and motion and never mounting it before I wasnt sure on helmet placement and being to tired i just wanted to lay down so I didnt test it which lead to it pointing at my wheel when it came time for my lap.Matt being a good guy told me it would be fine and that it might actually be better because it was misty.In any case I spent the lap with my head tilted back and hitting every rock/root I could fined.Once I made it around I fixed the light and heading out for a hot lap.

The light was working well now and the legs where also coming around which is always nice to feel in one of those races.Feeling good I entered the first single track with speed,coming up to a tree I had been ramping off of every lap previous I decided to keep the same line and ramp the tree.I guess mist and tree creates slippery surface and I flew off my bike nailing my knee off the stem on the way down.Laying on the ground holding my knee a little miniature Jeremy popped on my shoulder and called me the "V" word.Then of course he giggled because he had said the "V" word.So I brushed the dirt from my back and hoped on my steed to finish out my lap.

I did one more double after the fall but in the end between the knee and the tiredness my body wasnt keen on any more laps.Matt logged in a triple and we called her a day leaving Albion 2 laps up on second and a red ribbon around our necks. I said I wouldn't do it again but Im thinking now it might be a good idea if I did......