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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bicyle people should know how...

Yesterday night was the Hardwood Ski and Bike weekly race series so I decided to ride out and save some cash on gas.Arrived in good time and got to show off the new AWI Racing kits.I think Jack is pretty upset about not being on the team.

Jacob and I decided to race serious to lay down a new fastest lap time and put some pain into everyone else.Gun went off and straight into a MTB TT to the first single track.We had maybe 40 seconds by the time we got there so the power stayed.I'm still trying to find my lungs so Jacob got away while I caught my breath.About half way through I found some fitness and road a solid second half.Jacob held the gap to the end finishing with a one minute lead on the previous fastest time.Im not sure where I was but I'm calling it last (AWI Rules).

Ride home was pretty good.Usually Old Barrie RD can be iffy but wasn't bad last night.However there is usually one guy that doesnt know how to pass a cyclist and last night I give that award to the worlds only purple bike shop.So heres a lesson on how to pass a cyclist.If there is no oncoming car (like last night) go in the passing lane.If there is an oncoming car slow down until its safe to pass.It's not hard to be safe and a cyclist should know better.Heck a shop owner should know better especially one that drives a Purple bus.I dont expect sharing the road from non cyclist but from a cyclist and shop owner you better be passing me right.



Monday, May 9, 2011

checkin in

Hey Just posted a race report on the AWI site take a gander pleassssse.Other than that Iv just been trying to whip myself back into form.Had a pretty sweet race at Hardwood last week.Tried to race a bicycle with out tires, not a great idea...Kinda like skis with out wax and with out snow.

Tonight the MNS hit up Midhurst for some MOnday night riding which is always pleasant.A lot of Tristan line bashing so I turned it up to 7 and rode with Jacob for the majority of the ride.After the group decided to join us I tried to put Watson into a tree, another tree and then a swamp.Andrew is pretty good and handled his own.