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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Not a hole lot going on theses days to be posting.Ummm Spak and I are teaming up for summer solstice,I did some mean intervals today,Ice fishing tomorrow,thinking of signing up for the Orillia club freewheels and dreaming of no more snow.Speaking of no snow today we had some serious melt action going on and you could even smell spring in the air.

Early morning tomorrow so off to the bed.....


Friday, February 26, 2010

Norco factory and Joy Ride 150 all in a single day.

The day started early afternoon meeting Jacob at his house to so him the was to AWI headquarters.We thought the HWY would be bad so we left a little earlier but to our surprise the roads were clear and the drive was good.Arrived at headquarters half an hour early so Andrew didn't even have to to shovel the lane he just loaded the team van and off we went.

The drive down I road shotty and was incharge of the music but either Jacob and Andrew didn't like my choice or there was just nothing on so we left on 102.1.We arrived at our first destination the Norco Factory.Saw some bikes,talked and listened for a bit and took a carbon road bike.

Arrived at Joy Ride 150 25 minutes after opening and hit the foamy pit right off the bat.A couple good 90's for me, some good jumps from Jacob and some skill honing from Andrew(vids below). Worked on the xc track a bit with a mixture of pump track, skinnys and jumps to complete the three hour ride. In that time Jacob found a sweet line on the xc course,I bruised myself good in the foam pit,we made fun of Spak because he didn't come and thats just what happens to no shows, Andrew ripped the new fastest time on the xc course and we all tried the new expert skinnys.All and all a blast, thanks again Joy Ride!!


Small note: Upon further review I realize now Andrew did a superman not a seat grab as stated in the video.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old man Jacob

Jacob is feeling the aches and pain older people get, except I didn't think 21 was considered old these days...On todays endurance ride the roads were fairly not good with a healthy layer of slush and ice.First couple hours were done in a nice steady zone 2 as to plan, however the last hour twenty was done in below recovery and with Jacob riding with only one leg because his knee or something blew up.With this slow down both of our body's weren't working hard enough to keep our under dressed bodies warm and we began to freeze.Limped home, got warm, went to subway, went to Quaker Oaks Farm then to The Bike Stop.

Matts fancy new bike had arrived and it wasn't going to put its self together so Jacob and I went to work.Since Giants policy is "ready to ride in half the time" the bike went together smooth as silk. Matt I guess was off work a little early picking up his German automobile so when he found out his new bike was ready to go he sped on down (Matt of course doesn't speed).Talked for a bit then we parted in our separate ways.

With the sorta weak workout I decide to make up for it with a run, stretch and sit up session. Session went well and the wash board is coming in as well as can be expected.

Joy Ride trip was moved to today so I better get some sleep if I am going to set record times.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ride Out---no grammer check if you dont like it call my people.

Todays training consisted of me riding out to meet Jacob at HWSAB and get a vanilla, espresso, foamy beverage then ride back to Hawkstone.I was running faily late as to the norm so instead of riding to Hawstone then onward to HWSAB drove to Jacobs house and proceeded onwards.At the time of arrival I got a text saying that it was nearly impossible to make it to HWSAB before it closed at 8:00, my retaliation text simply stated "just get my beavy ready and I'll do the rest". 30 seconds of trying to get clipped in,5 minutes of pedaling out the stiff linked chain from the manly ride and I was off.Road conditions weren't in my favor with about 3 inches of like a slushy loose snow on top of a thin layer of ice, but never less I put down an effort that would put Mr.Viney to shame and made it to Hardwood Ski And Bike with two minutes to spare.Drank the Drank and hit the road.

The original plan of attack was to take a long way back which I don't know what that would have been because I never know where I am.Anyways Jacobs knee was imploding so we had to scrap that idea and take the normal route back to Hawkstone.All the same sketchy road just easier pace and more company.We planned out a couple good rides and some Team Bike Stop comes to your event and stirs the pot with a box of shake and bake type deals.Good ride.

However not long enough so when I got through the door I went to the trainer and logged in another hour five to make the coach and me happy.

Joy Ride 150 maybe tomorrow if not There could be a 3hr ride planned with a mix of bike building.Looking forward to it.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Monday post

Tonight I decided to take up skiing before I headed to the Monday night snowshoe and I have to say I failed.The ski style of choice was skate ski and I just don't have the coordination to do it, it's kind of like tapping your head and rubbing your belly at the same time.I was starting to get the hang of it but by that time it was getting close to be snowshoe time so I headed into the Hardwood chalet for a french vanilla espresso foamy beverage.Ben and his new Anthem X-Ben was there too and I have to say the bike is looking sex!! Click his name and see a pic.

Snowshoe was a small one with only Jacob, Liz,Andrew,Starbuck and myself.It was good to see Starbuck out since she tore her ACL was it??I think Molly might have caught wind of the guest star and convinced Matt to stay home. Starbuck was so happy to be there she was frolicking in the snow and running in circles around us.Good Snowshoe and good times.

Oh and I watched Canadian Bacon for the first time in years and it's still a classic.


Monday, February 22, 2010


I needed a title and had just finish an orange so there you go.Today was spent mostly on the farm being taught how to insulate a ceiling by my pa pa.I don't really like that job to much, it makes your eyes itchy and your throat scratchy I probably will retire from Tristan Spurr insulation extraordinaire TM. very shortly after finishing this ceiling.

On the training front I was going to head out in the dark for a couple hours but my laundry machine has been occupied by my downstairs female neighbor since Jacobs and my man ride.I haven't been able to do a spandex load and didn't want to throw those bad boy on until they were clean.How much laundry can one person have??like really.Any way I hopped on the trainer because all you need are bib shorts and did some long long intervals.I thought my legs wouldn't be able to handle them but I was wrong,they kicked the trainers alloy bum.

Sounds like there could be a trip to Joy Ride 150 later this week some time, I'm super pumped about that.There could even be a tire swap on the viper to something a little more dirt jump like, but we shall see. MNS snowshoe tomor.... tonight should be good times..


Saturday, February 20, 2010

not much to say

I've been helping the folks out the last couple day and just feeling really drained.I'm going to try to hit the bike tonight but it's not looking good because I'm fighting to keep my eyes open as we speak.I might switch my rest day from tomorrow to today and train tomorrow on a full nights sleep.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Tammys 20th

I dont know if the title is true or not but I thought I heard someone say it.This morning was Tammy's B-day party which started at 6:00pm, I had full intent to get there on time but my sister had car failure and needed my assistance. I did make it however and was greeted with a brewski.There was a lot of good convo and even better one liners, followed by some great food and Olympics. Happy birthday Tammy!!

I was planning on doing a ride when I got home but opted out as I have not done spandex laundry since the man ride, even if I had the bike is frozen solid and not shift able. I might have to make a trip into te shop to defrost and install some new pads.It would actually be nice for the snow to melt now, I'm getting tired of dressing up.

I had some of my cheese tray left so grilled panini's it was.

Panini maker doing it's job
the finished product.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Streight up man.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Untitled My battery died on the return trip so that's all that was recorded.

So yesterdays man ride was the most intense, dangerous, longest ride I have ever done. Jacob did a good job of telling the story and there isn't much more I can say without repeating so I''ll just mention a couple more events which happened and leave you with the pics and films.Also Jacob and Andre settled the point system for the manly rides, that is also on Jacobs blog.

On the way home on the busy snowy hwys we encountered a few drivers that thought there was enough room to pass a car and squeeze in between us, seeing a car attempt this is very scary in light and not in a blizzard so seeing it happen then was so scary it forced us off the road.We also did a few huge descents on the snowy hwys which meant a lot of braking, in fact so much I need to go into the shop for some new pads.That's all I can think of for now so I'll leave it there.

Manly drinks for a manly ride.

Cal time.
Jacob at the top of scenic caves rd.The sign is behind his bad.
The best of the roads.
Beers were cold might not have been the best choice but they tasted so good.Oh and i was drunk after the first two sips no joke.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Untitled

Tonight was another Monday night snowshoe at the wilderness trails located behind Hardwood Ski and Bike.The event started with a not too confident Matt saying "I wish liz was here".We assumed it was because Liz has gps in her pocket and secretly pulls it out and navigates on our little adventures but Matt might also be interested, watch out Jacob.No one wanted to make the first step so I took charged and went in.My lead didn't last long as Andrew quickly went in front, it's almost like he knew if the group would have followed me we would end up in Barrie.I don't remember when it happened but there was a fare bit of snow in the forest which made it soft for falling.There were a couple times when Matt repeated his opening statement of "I wish Liz was here" but Krista Andrew and I were confident that we would get out within our 1 hour time period.We found the road and only 50 meters from the cars.Another good event done and done

As for the link at the top, that is the rest of my 3 hour workout plan.That's right after the snowshoe I went home and swapped big shoes for littler ones.Road conditions started off not to bad, little slushy in spots but nothing the Manondale can't handle but turned icy near the end.The icy descents were my fav because you couldn't apply to much brake because your tires would slide out but if you didn't apply any your were doing 50+kmh down a icy hill so it took some in between braking to make me feel somewhat at ease.Ride it's self turned out well, I was allowed in heart rate zone 4 which allowed me to open the legs up on climbs which is what I live for and the legs loved doing it.

Spoiler alert!! It was just confirmed that there will be a man ride on Wednesday.Hopefully the gps will work so it'swell documented.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

rest dayz

Yesterday I decide to ride out to hardwood ski and bike then loop home.I wasn't sure on there hours so I tried to contact my inside man but with no success.I rode out anyway through the blizzard and howling winds,riding through snow up to my hubs and going up hills both ways only to discover they close at 5.Personally I would have thought family's and such would go on weekends for night skiing but I guess watching T.V is warmer.Some what disappointed I took Old Barrie Rd back in the dark and tried my luck with cars being able to see me through the blowing snow.I think when a car see's a cyclist riding in the winter they know not to mess with him because if they did something serious would happen to them.No one hit me and I made it home alive and well just a little cold.

Finished the night with some Sherlock Holmes,imaginarium of doctor parnassus, and The Boondock saints 2.Imaginarium of doctor parnassus I think the only way I could watch it is with some serious drugs.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Forest Gump

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Untitled

Woke up early today at about 1:00 and headed to Quaker Oaks Farm for some P and J sandwiches to fulfill my hunger.After the feast headed out to Sebright to help my father and run laps with the Saint B's.Good day got a lot done but on the other side of that I have to now do a load of laundry because I have drool all over my cloths.

Another late night training activity for myself as I tried my hand at running.The plan for tonight was to go for a hour run then hit the bike for another hour and call it a night.However like our friend mr.gump I started to run and then I just kept going.I didn't inspire anyone to creat a smily face T-shirt, but maybe someone saw me tonight and thought maybe I should take up running,they probably thought to them selves that it seems like a fun thing to do at 10:30 at night in minus 21 degree temperatures. If those people saw me now not being able to walk I think they would have different thoughts.Near to the two hour mark the pain was pretty intense but you know what they say life is like a box of chocolate you never know what your going to get.I pushed through the pain and was only a couple kms off a half marathon.


Friday, February 12, 2010

crocodile dundee

Good eh mates!!

As I type the ending credits are rolling from the last movie in the trilogy yup all three in a night, thats a lot of Dundee.As for the training portion of my day Jacob and I did some riding on the beach trail but had to cut it short because of the cold winds.I did manage to get in what I had to do for my workout so there were no worries (thats a little crocodile dundee talk).

My dad is building my mom a summer kitchen out on the farm so I spent the rest of the day helping him construct and tire out the Saint Bernard's.For big dogs it sure does take a lot of running in circles to tire them out.I guess with every passing second they get a little lighter as the drool leaves their mouths so really they cheat.

I went to the gym for a jog on the treadmill before I started movie night.About half way into the run I decided to check the built in heart rate monitor on the treadmill and for my competitors beware because when I had the garmin on me last jog I did at the same pace as tonight my heart was in the high 130's and low 140's tonight the treadmill said my heart was 75.So note to self turn gps off so you have battery power in you HR monitor and don't use the treadmill HR monitor.

Last but not least crocodile dundee is the man and you should all watch the trilogy.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

keepin it short x2

Another later night and a early ride tomorrow so here's a teaser post.

Started the day with coffee with jacob,met spak at at bike stop,sold spak bmx bike,watch parents store,saw guy get face kicked in,watched guy lay on ground not breathing,watched bartender from bar check pulse,watched bartender after figuring out man had pulse through hat in his face,called the cops,Figured out in order emergencys you should have in orillia starting with fire will get you the fastest response then ambulance then police,closed store,called sister informing her there will be some blood in front of the store tomorrow for her to clean up,laughed,went to gym,did some strength workouts, admired myself in mirror, went out for beer and wings with Lizard and Jacob, watched a movie on ford stealing a guys invention, looked at bike parts and now writing in the blogage.sleep time later folks.Oh and a lot of eating in the mix of all that.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keepin it short

Ok so I have a pizza in the oven so just a short one tonight.Spent the day out on the farm helping out the folks with some wood splitting and farm chores.They offered dinner and I gladly accepted although judging by the portion size of the pasta I can tell that I have been away for too long and when I come home for the summer it will take a couple nights for them to realize there can never be too much food.

Arrived back to the apartment at 7:30 with full intent to do my 3hr work out but my friend is buying a Roholff hub and needed some guidance so that pushed the ride on the back burner.I didn't end up leaving for my ride until 10:00 and by then the cold was setting in.I tried my best to make a loop so that I didn't have to go far away from home but in doing so I added a lot more hills.The last 25 minutes of the ride devastated me I don't know why I was feeling good maybe it was the small portion at dinner....The only way I am seeing to fix this is the pizza which just came out of the oven.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stepped up the game

So today on the training list I had to put in a 3 hour ride.Tonight also happened to be The MNS snowshoe so I decide to combine the two ride out to the snowshoe then ride home the long way through Hawkstone.

Riding out was somewhat interesting as my snowshoes didn't really fit in the nap sack so they kept my head in a looking down position. Traffic wasn't bad and I arrived at Hardwood for the pre snowshoe party at about quarter to.Apparently I missed the party and was promptly informed I was going to be late for the 8:00 departure. Not being one to worry Lizard let me put my snowshoes in her car so my neck would be at ease, I hit the road throwing down the hurt.As I hit the 7th a white car pulled up beside me rolled down his window and asked if I wanted a tow.I said "yes Jacob" grabbed a hold of the car and off we went.The tow unfortunately only lasted a km but it boosted my moral and I hammered the rest.

The snowshoe started with every saying how manly I was and that they would give up the ability to turn a corner just to be as dreamy as I am if not for just one day.At one point I think I saw Matt and Jacob kneel to me, either that or they were putting on their snowshoes I'll let you be the judge. Any who, the snowshoe was a little shorter than normal with less off course exploration something about Matt and Jacob forgetting their manhood at home today....Never the less good times, there was even talk about a sweet little 100km mtb race at Tremblant which I am very interested in and must find out more.

The way home was dark.As soon as the group left so did my head light.It was an open ski but the moon wasn't shining bright so I could see snow on either side of the road but the road it self was pitch black.Made it home with no trouble total time was just a hair over three hours.


Monday, February 8, 2010

The call out

Just read Matts blog and seems that Manly Ride Productions has been called out.We here at Manly Ride don't take kindness to such call outs and will not stand for it.We will be going to the drawing board later this week and draw up a monster of a plan.This threat however has come at a bad time due to the fact one of our member is on his rest week.Any sort of retaliation will have to wait at least a week but we promise a jaw dropping ride.Thank you and have a good day.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Last couple.....

Yesterday was spent the couch because I hadnt really had rest during my so called rest week so I took advantage. In the pm my bff and I rent on a man date to see from Paris with Love with Jonny T and some other dude.I was really impressed with Johns performance and the hole movie for that matter, with all of it twisted plots and what not.I recommend you see it.

Today's work out plan was some spin pieces and one legged stuff which I tend to do on the trainer just because I think it is a little safer.After the workout I hit the shower and head to T.O for a super bowl thing with some friends.The best team won so it was a good night I only wished the bar was showing a American station so I could cheer when Lances commercial came on.Oh well I saw it when I got home..

Just eating some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and watching Miami Vice.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blood, sweat and tears all in good fun at Joy Ride 150

I started the day off with a ride in the park with Jacob for a solid hour of Mountain Biking/ice biking/snow drift biking/trying not to hit old people dogs biking, well at least I tried too I cant comment on Jacobs behalf. I have a video of our little mtb loop we made but between me falling while filming with one hand and me being a little beat right now I dont think it will be uploaded. Good solid ride though.

Later that night I met up with Watson and Spak to go down to Markham to hit up Joy Ride 150 and this time my main goal was to ride the foam pit.Pulled in the parking lot around quarter to seven signed in and got suited up.I tell you those guys love their jobs to much still none stop smiles, friendly service and welcoming hospitality.Top notch stuff down there for sure.

Lets go straight to the ride. Right off the bat you could see the reflection of the foam pit in Andrews eyes and nothing was stopping him from diving in.After a little encouragement I myself made the leap of faith and jumped into the pit made entirely of foam.It wasn't that bad and soon the three of us were ripping it.We then decided to take a break from the pit and do some skinny's which lead to the tears part of my title.After riding off a log I hear behind me the sound of a mans heart snapping in two or was it the sound of Matts $300 xtr shadow derailleur I get those two confused. No worries though because Scott at Joy Ride hooked a Brother up with one sweet whip.

Next we attemted to set some records but failed as we found out in order to beat said record on the cross country course you must not use a cross country bike but a dirt jump bike....we didn't have one so we stopped trying. We moved over to the pump track were we attempted to beat that record but same story, Andrew however did get called out by a 12 year old boy who was determined to show him up all night and 90% of the time succeeded. I couple more times in the pit which lead to my epic bail leaving me with some blood and plywood burns and then we hit the road.

We stopped at Tims for dinner,they were enjoying work to much and we busier laughing than making the food...I think they might be getting paid to much or there is a carbon monoxide leak.

I am soooooooo tired right now so I'm calling it and if this post doesn't make since it's not my fault having fun is exhausting..


Thursday, February 4, 2010

standard training issue work out

I went out to the farm today to help my parents with heating their home for next winter.I was told to go out and have fun today and just enjoy life but for some reason I thought splitting wood all day would fall under that criteria.First couple hours were fine the logs were rather large and with a cyclist upper body they were heavy to lift. Once on the chopping block the lumber jack in me sprung into action and got er done.The last half of the day felt like the last couple laps in a endurance race, you can't really feel your limbs but you brain is still telling them to move.By the end of the day I think I trained more mental than body but I was satisfied with the end result.

Tomorrow looks like Andrew, Matt and I are heading down to Joy Ride 150 for MTB jumping action I will keep you posted.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

man ride on a reduced week.And this just in!

Some call it a rest week but me I say unless I am in bed I am calling it a reduced week.Jacob and I did another man ride today which lead us to horseshoe valley to the turn around point, then to Hardwood Ski and Bike for hot bevies and socializing and then home.

Temperature was good at the departure and continued to be the way for the rest of the ride.We started mid day so it almost seemed to get cooler as our body's warmed up which meant no real overheatage.We toured a lot of back roads so road conditions were slush with ice as a under layer. Jacobs new studded tires helped him in this area but my front slick and rear cross tire did not.We arrived at Hardwood Ski and bike got our hot bevies and talked to Benno for a good hour about light bikes, components,Lucky Nino, South Carolina,my mom, my sister and other things too. After we left Hardwood it was straight up the 6th to the 15/16th and back to Hawkstone.I think the ride was in the range of 2hr 6 min and in that time we were only honked at once.Good ride, good chats, good times.I think I might patent that.

I needed three hours today so I drove my car to the gym to run on the treadmill. I never thought I would hear myself say that but there ya go.I was originally going to go out on the bike again but felt the clothing and decided they belonged in the to be washed bin and not on me.I could have ran to the gym or just went out for a run but I find my knees feel like I'm 64 years old and decided against that.So in the end I opted for the spin bike for a 15 minute warm up and the treadmill for a 40 minute zone 2 run.I thought the trainer was boring well running on a treadmill is like 100 times worse or if you don't use a trainer and can't relate it would be like running in one spot for 45 minutes looking at the same wall with no scenery change or sound on the T.V in front of you and the subtitles on the T.V are in German.Die Tretmühle boaring!!

Carbo loaded at home now surfing the web.Tomorrow is do what I like day so I am heading to Sebright to chop wood for the folks.Oh and this just in I do believe a spammer wrote more then Matt on his blog today, come on Matt don't let the solar panel guy win.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Mnsday night

Another Monday Night Something came and left but looking forward to next week as tonight we had a decent turn out and many laughs.We even had a new Monday nighter tonight her name is Krista, she helped Liz keep the pace high and strong.

Snowshoe started with unusual warm up, when Krista went to turn around and Andrew telling us who it was she drove into the ditch. Four cyclist walked up to the car to give her a push out but only one has upper body strength and Liz needed help.The car was hung up on some icy snow and wasn't moving so Liz went and got her trouble shovel for Andrew to use to attempt a bail out. Unfortunatly Bail out's these day haven't been working so Jacob and I decided to find a tow cable. With the mission successful we hooked up Matts Honda Element and pulled her out.

The Snowshoe it's self went well, I found we climbed a little more than usual and with my bum still hurting from my fall last week I was feeling it.Snow coverage is good right now for snowshoeing and made for soft landings and good log tight roping. All in all a good gathering!