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Friday, February 25, 2011

Apparently girls read my blog....

You know who you are....

Im on a rest week this week and by that I mean I've road once with Watson. It was one of those Facebook I'm going for a ride on a such and such day and you should tag along. I'm always down to not ride by my self so I accepted the offer. The details of the ride were simple, Andrew would leave his house at noon and I mine at noon. We would then ride to the 15/16th side road and meet somewhere in the middle and travel Oro.

Ride out was smooth sailing. I ran into some escaped horses but all they wanted to do was ride beside me. No big deal. I met up with Watson shortly after and we it the roads of Oro. Not sure where we went but I could see the lake a lot of the time.Nothing really exciting happened other than Andrews derailleur cable locking up. Pete, maybe a shifting maintenance would be a good Tech Tuesday. Andrew and I departed, I went to hardwood and said my good byes to Ben, I walked out of hardwood and fist pumped to Bens departure and then road home.Good sunny ride. Actually I was told the weather was better than California.

Apparently I'm going to Joy Ride Monday morning at some ungodly hour buy should promise for a day on the bike. Also I'll be driving south on Wednesday for a Louisiana vacation. Apparently they have some bead tossing competition down there. I'm a little worried about the flashing tho, not sure my eyes can handle it.



Saturday, February 19, 2011

Riding Dirty

Last couple days have been beauty for riding my bi-cycle. In fact so beautiful by the time I get off the bike I'm far too tired to post. So I'll do little catch you up.My week started with a hilly type ride with spak and Jacob leaving from Waubaushene.Spak actually did a pretty good blog post on it and covered everything so I'm not even going to try and compete,I'll just link you his way.(Matt Spak)

My riding continued the following day with a solid ride around lake Couchiching. Sun wasn't out but the temperature was in the positives, which is a positive... Weaving through the city to get out of the city I came to a cross street and there was an SUV stopped at a stop sign.I didn't have a stop sign so I continued on my way. However the SUV I guess either thought I did have a stop sign or he thought he could cross the street before I got there...Didn't matter what he thought because he was wrong.He went, realized he couldn't make it, my brakes went on, his went on, my wheels locked, his locked. I managed to escape death by a couple centimeters making it the first time my turning skills didn't hurt me.The rest of the ride was good, just taking in the fresh warm air and loving riding again.Finished it all off with a loop around the beach trail, no ladies out yet but it's rideable...

Yesterday it was something like plus 5 and sunny with heavy winds.I couldn't really get organized to ride until later in the afternoon. I didn't want to ride at night so instead of a longer type ride I cut it short and spun the legs.Probably for the best because I'm feeling a bit tight today.Road conditions were a bit wet which was a pain.Even with fenders my feet,legs and back were getting soaked.Not fun.

Might go for a run later tonight.Cold temperatures are back and so is the wind, I'll let you know how it goes.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just take a look

K so I have a post to post but I'm going to write it up probably tomorrow...For now I want you all to go over to Peters blog and check out his scoop on knee pain. Apparently you can even see a bit of his mullet, it's a tough spot though.So click here and watch a movie film!

Further more AWI and Jeremy Simmons are in California but you wouldn't know it with their current post count.Come on guys I need warm thoughts here.



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's only a rabbit...

Let's start this post with a little vid just so you folks know what I was up against.(Click Here) K, now that you watched that I'll continue the story. Went for a run tonight because for some odd reason it helps my knees.Don't ask cause I dont know. When I run I'm a pretty focused guy, I hate doing it and I could care less about trying to enjoy it so the general plan of attack when I run is turn my brain off,which oddly enough im pretty good at. The odd time something shiny enough or dangerous enough will a catch my eye and I'll wake up.Tonight was no different and the cause was two racoons and a rabbit.No cougar but scary non the less. Cant trust city wildlife, they not only scrap all night but they think every human has food.Kind of like those people you always see in Toronto on the sewer covers....Anyways, they made a move, then I made a move and the next thing I knew I woke up with a sore bum.I must have slipped on a patch of ice...Finished the run strong, feeling like my fitness is returning.That is my fitness is returning like Frodo and Sam returning the ring to Mordor. Epic at times with a touch of pain and a pinch of enchanted creatures.

Tomorrow I ride but not before some TLC to the Rocky Mantain (made that up



Monday, February 14, 2011

A post for Pat

Mr Pat you have been added to the blog roll.I expect great things from you.Dont let me down...

Spak stopped blogging, now its my time to shine.

Sweet.K so first on the list Jacob and I did a man warm up last week, not the distance part just the sketchiness part.Went well and plans are being reviewed for the real deal.For more details on the trial click on over to Jacobs blogski. Second to be crossed off this imaginary list, Watson appears to be cracking which in one of my earlier post I predicted.It's almost like I had a Delorean and could predict the future....Nuff of that nerd talk.Third went for a run two nights ago, buried my self so deep in my workout (really trying not to think of the pain associated with running) when I came through I didn't know where I was.That's a first for me.... blame it on the time travel.Finally went for a ride last night in hope to help switch my days back to normal.That failed but I felt pretty good about the ride.Still keeping stuff simple but it seems to be working.

Everyone seems to have gone state side or going state side so Ontario being the fair province that it is decided to warm up for at least a week.Not bad I'd say.Might see me out in bibs and T tomorrow.Look out ladies, cupid is here...



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bloody mess

So I was driving past Copeland today and what did I see on the golf course but the elusive cougar and elefant. Unfortunately they battled and only the fit survived.

After I watched the Copeland Elefant get demolished by a small cat I went home for a jog to the gym, followed with a work out at the gym, followed by a run home from the gym.Good times.Little cold on my ear but good non the less.



Posting about a Monday on a Tuesday

Met up with the crew last night for a snowshoe in the forest.The crew was Lizard, Jacob, Andrew (still trying to put as much time in before training camp,he's going to blow up for sure) and myself.Snow was deep and the conversation was pleasant. The only thing missing was Spak,Tammy and Jer.Come to think of it I can't remember the last to I saw he still around??has he eloped??Where would a Spak elope to?I'd probably say Victoria Harbour Or Coldwater....Gotta stay within 15 minutes of the motherland. Anyway, Spak if you had a spare moment and are reading this come home to me.Before they made fun of both of us but now it's just me.Your part of my tripod or my dupod because I can't think of a third leg right now.If you dont come home soon, I will fall.

Jer and Tammy...I like your blogging skillZ (Please note the upper case "Z").What I dont like is you not showing up for Andrew's last snowshoe before he departs to the United States of America.How would you feel if his plane crashed and he lands in the ocean but because he is a cyclist his legs weigh more than his upper body, acts like a cement block and he sinks to the bottom of said ocean?I'll tell you how you'd feel, really offal. Or what if while riding his cross country mountain bicycle he came across a poisonous snake which was suddenly stumped by a mountain lion while on route to finish the job started by it's Canadian brother the Cougar. How would you feel then?I'll tell you how I feel.I feel like my mind has been bottled.

Sorry I got off topic with the snowshoe.It was great.I liked it.Ride tomorrow mixed with gym.If you read this far, thank you for reading.I'm beyond sleepy.But blog links will be added to my list in the next couple.



Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back 40

On Saturday I decided to head out to the parents ranch and do some exploring in the back 40.Loaded up the Subaru with some snowshoes and warm gear then off I went.Iv never really been back in our forest other than on the old logging trail, probably because I'm generally afraid of Beavers,Cougars and bears (oh my).I figured however the loud stomping of the snowshoes and the clumsiness of the walker would scare any threat far away.

Started through the fields, plowing through them like myself plowing through corners on a nice summers day. Constantly looking for animals which could eat me it was hard to enjoy myself at first.Twenty minutes in I decide I could probably kill any animal that dared to attempt an attack, I went even as far as planning how I would kill it.Figured ski pole to the eyeball would pretty much do it to any animal.Moving on.... Once I overcame my silly fear I started to look around and was noticing some sweet potential for trail making.I need to explore more before spring comes and GPS my findings but apparently behind my property line is crown land which then backs on to the Ganaraska trail system. So I have some work ahead of me.Explore some now,then ride the cow trails come spring.Back to the was great fun and no attacks.



Thursday, February 3, 2011

Team AWI has perks

I would like to thank owner Andrew Watson of team AWI Racing ("Racing" I think is still floating around the ideas table. Comment if you like it) for providing me with a ticket to watch the epic cycling movie "Chasing Legends". I fully intended to thank him last as well as thanking Hannah for the beer in last nights post but simply was to tired and couldn't type or think any longer. Fortunately I mentioned this in my previous post and also saying "Ill be back". So thanks to all.That includes Lizard and Jacob for feeding me and driving me.Although me being their company for the night is probably thanks enough.

As for training today, I think I might go to the gym for a run/legs/back/core/stretch work out.I'll let you know laters.

Heres the video form yesterday. Warning if you dont like to see huge gentlemen sausages stomped out in snow dont watch this video.But if your not a prood feel free to watch.

Also a pic to try and so you snow depth,

I like new looks.

I liked Andrews blog changes so much I mixed mine up as well.Looks fresh I think.JM and I did a nice little snowshoe this aft which brought us through some deep snow and near avalanches.We discussed a lot of things and stomped down a huge gentleman's sausage in the snow.So big in fact I had to climb a near by tree to get the shot.I might put up the vid tomorrow.

After said snowshoe we headed to Barrie to take in a little film called Chasing Legends.I thought it had Jackie Chan in it but as it turned out the film was about the tour.Very well done, I recommend it to all those who like to enjoy the riding of their bicycle.I just want to ride my Giant TCR Advanced Rabobank now...It was highly featured in the film.It's late Ill be back



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

so happy I could blog

It's been a while but like Andrew says writing about doing the same thing every day is both boring to the reader and the writer.Luckily for you Ive done something different the last couple days.That's right Iv been riding a bike-cycle.

My return to riding started with an early morning night ride.At about 1:30 in the morning on Friday I headed out on my cycle cross training loop.It's fairly flat for the majority of the ride with two bigger hills to finish the ride off.I went out to just to spin out my legs and work on my form.Paying close attention to my legs position and my over all form.It was a good ride other than a dog trying to take me out but that's expected at that early hour.

Joy Ride 150 was next.Andrew sent me a message in the morning saying a trip was going down and that if I wanted to hitch a ride that could be done.I jumped on that idea and told him Id be there in 40 minutes.Almost and hour and half later I pulled into his driveway.With no Watson to be found I knocked on his door, only to find him drinking peppermint tea and watching the stocks.I sat down on Starbucks chair so I guess it was only fair when Starbuck sat on me.Andrew tried to demonstrate who the master is by telling her to get off, but Starbuck had non of that.So we left and headed to the city.We were there for close to three hours and in that time I personally bonked at least twice an hour.Its funny how demanding that place can get, you can go there and legit get a solid day of training in.It can cover all areas I feel.You got your skill,endurance,speed and social.Joy Ride is perfect. Now all they need is to hand out a discount card to everyone with the name Tristan Spurr and they will be the best indoor bike park in the world.

I guess it would be Saturday I sent JM a text asking what his plans were for Sunday but had no reply.I thought to my self "Tristan, if he doesn't want to reply I'll ride out to HWSAB and visit"So thats what I did.Out Old Barrie rd and to HWSAB I rode. It was a little busy but nothing I couldn't handle.I wore a complete black kit because I hear that's like saying F-U car just try and find me.Arrived alive and chatted with the boys for a bit.Ben is chasing all the same lady interest that I am and has pointed out that I don stand a chance aginst him because he owns two cars (one being a sports car with turbo) and lives in a mansion.All I have is an attic and a Subaru (gold in color).I saw his point and right away went into negotiations.I think we've settled on me being allowed to look after his girls while he is down south.So I guess I'm kinda like a nanny...or a pimp, not sure really.

Tomorrow I hear there's a film playing in Barrie about some cycling team racing some race over in France.I think I might attend, not really for the movie... well I just wrote a story so I think I'll go do something athletic to write about tomorrow or the next day or the day after the next day...