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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I still havnt found the time or internet to really keep this up to date and now with the nice weather it seems harder than ever.I'm laying in bed right now and it feels like 30 degrees so I'll type till is cooler if that makes since.I have been getting out on many good rides and getting a kill spandex tan while I'm at it.

To give a quick up date I'll start with my race at Mont Tromblant.Pretty nervous going into it I wasnt 100 percent and didn't know what to expect.I decided to start easy and pick it up lap by lap and see how I would fair.First single track the pack bottle necked in and every one except the leader got off and ran.I decided I didnt come all the way to push a bike so I stayed on and just try and get by those I could.The first lap went this way right to the bottom where I finally got the chance to crack into the legs up the 3km paved single track which I loved so so so so so so so so so so much.One by one I started to pick guys off and the legs kept saying "use more Scotty, use more"so I did.I caught Brendan and rode with him for a bit and followed his lines until we hit the final big climb and it was time for me to try catch some more guys.Caught a couple more with loads left in the tank.Stretched it out and to the calories I went.I think for Hardwood I might try for a better start and see what can happen there, I diffidently need to work on being more tired after a race.

One last story then off to bed.Jacob and I rode some rail trail tonight and on my way home a bee flew into my newly glorious black chest hair and stung me.I dont know if that's a sign to shave it off or grow it longer so they cant reach my skin.All for now


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blowin in the wind

Still lacking interweb do another post from me phone. My back had been killing me after Albion so I have been taking it easy and streching. It has been a good week for it atleast.

Thursday I decide it would be a good idea to ride home in that down poor/windy/cold/busy contions and failed on a most epic level. I had brought with me knees hand arms but no gloves so body temp was great hands not so much. It got to a point where I blew in one hand for ten seconds then moved to the other and put that on repeat untill I called the ride. I was only 7 kms away from home but I don't think I could have made it. The rest I'd the went like this, 45 minute hot shower followed by couch time under a big wool blanket that I think is named Steve.

Friday my back was not 100% so I waited untill today to ride. Being overcast and not the warmest day I had to dug out the legs and arms. A friend is leaving on a trip and she was up in waub at the camp for the day, so I decided to ride up and give her a sweaty hug. Along with the bad weather came a nasty head wind. I faught that battle the hole way and I may have even won it. Other than the wind the ride was good and the temp was great for what I dressed for.

Sunday they say it will be warm so another road ride i think will be in order. I might even try and get some help for my back and hamstrings. Pumped.


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Monday, May 10, 2010

Albion hills O-cup 2

Yesterday was O-Cup 2 at Albion Hills.As I was heading to the race the temperature was sitting at -2 and the snow was coming down.There was a thought that maybe I should just stay in bed and take it easy but the xc bikecycleist took over and continued on my way.

Arrived down there in good enough time and the temperature was rising.Met up with Jacob and did a nice warm up then off to the starting blocks.Brendan was there stripping his warmers off because he said her saw the pro's doing it.Chatted a bit then the buzzer went off.

1st lap started slow because I couldn't get around anyone on the start loop.Dove into the first single track right into a traffic jam.My plan was to ride with Tim and Brendan but a rider whom I will not mention kept diving into the single track in front of me then eased up. Tim and Brendan's group broke away and I couldn't make enough time on the double to catch them.

Next couple laps my lower back started to cramp up pretty bad so I lost some power.I could feel that I had lots in the tank but when ever I tried to use it it made my lower back cramp more.I had a pace I was somewhat comfortable riding so I stuck with that and picked off all the guys who fell off.

Finished 22nd overall which I'm happy with because I finished but at the same time I know I have a lot more which wasn't used.I going to try and get a bike fit done and if that doesnt work then I'll move to a new frame but I dont think I want to race that set up again.Keep you posted.

Tonight I did a spin out the legs ride and leg wise it didnt feel like I had raced them the day before, however the lower back was still tight.Good ride tonight lots of horses and green grass but it was fairly cold.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Lack of Internet in sebright

So I havnt posted in a while because sebright isn't known for it's Internet. The winterbike classic on wendseday didn't go as planned, but still had a good time racing. The manondale is pretty stiff and the bars don't like to stay tight when there is a 175 lbs of man on them.

Jacob and I are currently driving to Copeland because Chico shut the race course down for pre ride tonight. Looks like the first lap will be my pre ride. Since there was rain in the forcast I seated up some Rocket Rons for better traction in the Albion mud. Tonight will be the first ride on them and I think I might start a reveiw page on the blog to give my feed back on some products.

All for now, I about to ride in the rain because that's just streight up mountain biking.

P.S this was writtin on my I-phone because there's an app for that.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good ride,from sebright, where I live now, because I moved.

Tonight I headed out around 5 for a ride that looked like I would spend in the rain.The weather lady in the sky however blew the clouds away and oped the sky.I was able to get in a good half hour of sun before the clouds came back and chilled the temperature a bit.The seconday objective beside the ride was to drop off a couple pieces of paper to my sister in Orillia.So once the job was done I headed on home.

I had come well equipped with G-rade and food so I was feeling really good and my heart rate monitor was charging at home so I could really control the pace.So I rode and rode and when I came to a hill I tested the legs and put down some power and then more power and more.For the first time in two years the legs are feeling really good on the climbs plus at the tops of them.Arrived home satisfied with the results of the ride and hungry.

The Time trial went well on Thursday night but between cold legs,60 psi in the tires and lack of fluids I came away disappointed.I think I'll miss the next one for a redue because of Albion on sunday and Hardwood weekly on Wednesday but maybe in two weeks I'll be able to do er.Pumped.