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Monday, October 25, 2010

Streching it out

Last week I decided to take two weeks off just to nail this knee problem once in for all.If this doesn't work then I might have to take up swimming and be the next Micheal Phelps.I received some solid knee work out and stretches this week so hopefully that aids to my recovery.I have also logged in some very long minutes on the foam roller, which I do in the privacy of my own room because rolling just looks to sexual for the public eye.Well Im off to the gym, cheers


Thursday, October 14, 2010


Last night was the cross races at Hardwood hills and not a bad night for it at all.I was running a bit late because I was doing a photo shoot with my sister for the new Quaker Oaks Farm website we both are building so once I arrived it was to to get started.

The guns went off and so did we, over the hill and settled into a nice cozy pace for the first lap.The main group stayed together until the run up climb where it separated the weak from the men. Unfortunally I was weak and I saw guy's like Watson ride up the "forced climb".I really need to put the smaller ring back on, maybe that would work for a Friday job.

Second lap was me just trying to hold on and trying not to loose much ground.That plan failed at the climb again and I settled into a survival pace with Andrew Doble and a couple other guys.I attacked on the flats and suffered on any thing with a grade.Last km I decided to try to catch Adam who was 100m up,so I turned the bike to eleven and drove forward.The plan would have worked but some dude on a mtb missed his tune-up appointment and miss shifted the crap out of his bicycle cause him to look at his chain which in turn cause him to ride all over the trail effectively blocking me.Oh well...I think I might take a couple days off and just stretch the body.Knees are about 70 % and getting better day by day.Cheers!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brewery to brewery

Hey y'all my sister stole my Mac so I couldn't post an update, sad I know.Here it is though from Quaker Oaks Farm in Orillia the official report.

The snooze button was hit a few times to many the morning of the Brewery ride causing the Mathew Spak foot come into play on the drive there.Sure enough I was the first there and locked my bike to a tree outside of Second Cup.JM and LR spotted me and informed me I was at the wrong spot, I followed them to the right spot and enjoyed a coffee.

Off we went and the first two sign sprints were taken by me, followed by Brandon taking Creemore.Upon arrival Brendan and I racked up the bikes and headed streight for the samples ans after a photo shoot we grab a couple travelers and headed to the restaurant.The place was pretty packed so it gave us all a chance to catch up.Since I talk to Liz and Jacob a lot I decided to spend the majority of my time talking to Cayley and Brandon.Jacobs blog states I "hit" on Cayley but to my defense I di tell Brandon I wanted he huge arms.....Food was dealt with and off we went.

On the way out Brendan and I cracked our second beer and had a man toast, then realized that we were about to ride on airport road.Got drinking and prepared for the next sprints.I was boxed in for Angus so Brandon took it, next one two was mine followed by Brandon going for Barrie 10,000 miles away and taking it, only because I didn't know what the hell he was doing...

We arrived at Flying Monkeys and drank some samples after which we followed it up a Tiffs for more beer.Good ride and Cant wait for next year.gotta go race HW cross.cheers


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I thought logs were the dangerious part of night rideing

MNS re-grouped for one of our largest attendance nights all year and headed out into the night sky.Pace was high and conservations at their usual level of awesome. If you were on a Norco you had a free ride kit on and any other bike came stock with spandex, high fives were dealt when tricks were landed as well as words like "dude" and "rad".

We were moving along with speed Shayne on front me following close behind, "left or right" was shouted back and a quick "left" was returned.I noticed Shayne went right to avoid a stump, then noticed the stump went left to avoid Shayne.He nicked the tail of the stump,then yelled "porcupine". I was going for the bunny hop but last minute bailed to the right screaming for my life. Not beleiving what had just happened we both looked for quills and then continued on our way.

The rest of the evening was spent trying to do tricks and crash people out and stuff......totally rad to the max!!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

MIdland enduro pre ride

Ok so the plan to race Kawartha Rube-eh went bust because the hole thing just sounded to be bad news bears, so there was a search for something to replace it.Sent a text to Andrew to see what he decided to do and there was the plan for the morning, pre ride the Midland to Horseshoe course.

I had to work at one so leaving at ten I thought would be perfect timing.Left Andrews and head down the yellow brick road.First twenty kms (well in the race it would be about mid way) were alright nice paved/washed out sandy double track, however paved turned into all washed out double track, washed out double track turned to crank the shield puddles, crank the shield puddles turned into swamp and swamp turned into river. At the river crossing we looked at each other then back at the flowing river and decided that would best be saved for race day.If someone wanted to spectate this race/event the river would be the spot and maybe if your interest in a small business boat crossing services would be ideal for that location.

Between the swamp and walking back up the serious decent which led us to the swamp I was going to be massively late for work so I selflessly decided to stick to the ride at hand and suffer the wrath of my boss later that day.Onwards we went and more washed out doubles came, followed by more rocky descending, gravel roads and many cross bike questionable sections. Making both of us realize that this race/event will turn into a long day in the saddle and maybe the race creator is a little crazy or maybe he just went on google maps and pick out sections on there without actually riding them but never the less it should be a good long day of riding bicycles.Looking forward to it

P.S they have a $10.00 purse for climbing a particular hill without using a granny, the only way I can see someone making it up is on a MTB if someone does it on a cross bike they get mad props.

Check out Andrew blog post here.....



Friday, October 1, 2010

Let's get back at er

Training season is back and same goes to with the blog.That last month has been pretty chill, just trying to get the body back into a pain free form.To do this the has been a lot of stretching and taking her easy on the old bicycle.Doing so of course has limited me on the bike but for the long run should improve.

Also in the last month I have ordered the need rig for next season, not an mtb but a rocket fast Giant TCR Advanced Rabobank. Size large is as big as they grow in Canada so I had to call up my friends at Giant and get the to whip me up an XL.Being the only XL if you know anyone who wants a season old Rabobank pass my number along in September.
Plans thus far on cross racing have been totally knee depending so keep on checkin in because I am here for you now,