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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Forest Gump turned to Terry Fox

Couple good MTB ride in the snowy forest have been down the last week or so.Not too much to report on them other than riding XC in the snow builds more skills than anything else.

Friday Jacob M and myself decided to run our first ever Marathon which we are now calling a Manathon.Jacob made the route and I just showed up late.Turns out he planned the route as if we were riding it and through in loads of solid hills and a beaver fever pond.Things were going solid for the first 25k but once we had to hike the the pond the freezing cold water cooled down our legs pretty good.Two k of that took us about an hour to conquer and made starting running again pretty hard.Non the less we pursued and demolished our non training for it Manathon.

Tried to get out for a ride with Andrew Saturday afternoon but my body only had about 3k of patheticness left in it.Not all a loss however, it helped a lot to loosen up the muscles.

Legs are feeling back to normal so Midhurst MNS it is.



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