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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bout time

Its been a while since I've post but that because that hole marathon thing and me in bad way with muscle tightness.I'm slowly recovering and now just getting back on the bike.Finished building the winter bike last night and took it out for it's first spin this evening.Quickly said fack that and came home.Why? Christmas shoppers dont have time to be safe around cyclist riding at night.. So later or early rides!!

Last night got out with my people for a night ride in Midhurst.Just the right amount of snow covering and the right amount of attacks.Andrew and I split from the group a couple time which was when the most close calls happend but none the less there were still plenty of good battles for the group to see.By the time I'm done with Andrew he's going to be a rock.A dirty rock but a rock non the less.

Might make it out to copeland tomorrow for a group ride.Jacob says theres good scenery this time of year.



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