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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cross training

In weather like this riding isn't really fun.To do something that was fun Jacob and myself hit up Hardwood Ski and Bike for some hickery.We loaded up the truck with our black coffee, work boots, chain saws and axes and headed to the forest.Chopping wood is a great cross training tool because it provides interval activity. As the motion of raising the splitting maul goes through its course, the triceps are extended, the abdominals are flexed, and the deltoids are recruited. Secondary stress is placed on the forearm flexors and the hip flexors during the course of one swing.Just a nice all around bod work out while heating your home and chillin with your man friends. Any ways its always nice to head out there and find a new way to work your body, go out and find your new way!! Cheers, Tristan

Monday, October 29, 2012

Someone has to do it

Since Matt is off and Andrew cant find his password I thought I should come back for a post or two. Been riding a lot over the last couple months with form coming back nicely.Actually super stoked about that but find I'm still lacking direction.Do I want to race or do I want to have fun on the bike at a fit level? I have all winter to find myself and with that hopefully some great weather to ride in. Ive seem to have managed spraining both of my big toes after completing the Marathon AWI Racing hosted.Pretty odd injury actually,I wonder how long it take to heal....the two little piggies have me off the bike and on the farm helping my parents get her ready for winter.It's been a nice break with some of that odd cross training you only find on a farm.You know- cutting trees,firewood stacking, stall cleaning, farm equipment repairs,digging holes,filling in holes..... and the list goes on.I might actually start a program.... Thats all I have for now but I'm going to try and get out in the storm tomorrow and find the tree that almost hit me tonight.Hopefully will have some pics or maybe a video! yawhooo Cheers, Tristan