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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week of training

Been a solid roller coaster of mix weather training this week.We've pretty much had it all from sunny,windy,raining,snowy,hailing to freezing and I road it all.Riding in theses conditions for the most part can be fairly dangerous but one thing it does to a rider is make them mentally strong. I'm still not wearing the hr monitor or using any training aid but I think I logged in around 15hrs bike time this week which I'm fairly happy with.I'll leave ya'll with some photos and a vid of the after math which my Tuesday rain ride to Trek Store left me in.




Sunday, January 15, 2012

stub was almost my name today

Training has officially started today.What for?beats the hell out of me but I leaning to be average at O-cups and alright/fairly good at some endurance.I was already average at O-cups so that goal should be easy.I'm also some what interested in building some power.Maybe I'll train myself and see what creation I come up with.Sounds good to me!

Because I'm a bad ass manly man I road the winter bike outside today.Look at the weather app on the phone and it just said I'm retarded.It was the first time that app has been 100% correct.Not only is it crazy on the Monck road during the day but day traffic it's self hates cyclist. Total of two honks and too many close calls to count.I also forgot to mention the -14 not including windchill weather.Took me 20 extremely painful minutes to defrost my feet! Beautiful day however with an even more beautiful sun set.Good ride and good times.

Tomorrow is going to be a killer with a ride,gym and MNS snowshoe to top her off.Stoked!



Friday, January 13, 2012


Sorry I've been away but I had my self a little foot mishap on new years that has kept me off the bike...Still not really riding but I am back to the gym pumping iron.Sold the the Rabobank as well so looking at new bikes for next season.Ordered a Giant TCR Advanced SL 3 today for a road bike and thinking a Trek Superfly Elite for MTB.I think two very promising choices for what my goals are for the up coming season.

Going to try and get on the bike Sunday.I'll let yall know!