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Thursday, March 31, 2011

finding treasure

Browsing the net and found this doesn't look like it's finished but a good start, needs a tad bit more color I think. I'm back at work now so I'm squeezing rides in when ever theres a spot.Other than that just livin the dream.



"dude get a folding tire, that way when you run over glass you wont flat"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Panpake ride

Yesterday was the MNS anual Pancake ride, unfortunately Man Ride Productions had to do a hostal take over of said ride due to the lack of manliness within the MNS group.By Pancake Ride morning everyone had spaked out except for Jacob, Liz and myself.So the three of us decided to change the start location from Barrie to Horseshoe Valley and keep the ride alive.

Start time was 9:00am, temperature was -10 and the sun was out in full force.If you dressed right and wore black you were solid gold for the ride.Warmed up climbing out of the valley and continued on our way.Sign sprints on the way out were takin by Liz, Jacob and I couldn't wheel her back in...

Arrived at Shaws Maple Syrup and built up more of an appetite waiting in the 30minute line. Once seated Jacob informed me that men eat the 3 large pancake with 3 sausage meal, since I'm still proving my manliness I was forced to order the same.Food arrives at the table and the waitress tells Jacob and I that no one has finished the number three combo yet.Challenged was excepted and JM and I put our game faces on.Bite after bite we both came closer to food bonking.Last pancake I attacked hard off the start and finished it off.The waitress was impressed but she wanted it all gone, so I picked up my syrup bowl and pounded it back.I was almost a father.Jacob Couldn't finish his but theres always next year.

Starting the ride home was a bit slow going but slowly we got back up to a decent pace.First sign sprint came and Jacob eased pass me pushing me to go for it.I waited and waited and when he turned his head from me to the sign I put the power down. First pedal stroke I blew my chain.legs were flying, I was screaming, cleats were grinding and off towards the ditch I went. Watson spaked out so no one had a tool to fix it.Jacob towed me to his house but didnt have a tool to fix it.So that left Jon, Jacobs dad to drive us to Hardwood to fix her up.Thanks Jon.Got it fixed and headed home under the nice sunny blue skys.Good ride and good times.

Think I might get out this aft.



Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hey ya'll just checkin in to tell ya im still kickin.I've been pretty sick for the last week and a bit and not in the blogging mood.Im getting over it now so I should be out on the bike tomorrow.



Monday, March 14, 2011

Haven't you always wanted a monkeey

Headed down to Velocity for their first Brass Monkey ride of the season.Decent showing but I feel like many of the don't ride to much powder.After some picture taking we headed to the rail trail/snowmobile trail, only to find out it was unrideable.Worth a try and worth the laughs that came with the solid attempt.We all said nuff of dat and gunned it for the pavement.A couple sketchy descents, one car passed and a crash (not me,another guy) later and we well on our way for a solid ride.Actually the only thing missing were pancakes, but I guess that day is approaching soon.

Saw a new doc today, stretching is bad and deep tissue massage is the devil.The opposite of the last doc.On the plus side I got some Spydertech....she gave me some pointer so hopefully at least some of her advise was worth the money.

Heading to a game night at JIZ's house (Jacob and Liz like Brangelina but dirty).should be fun, meeting Andrew's "girl".



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The big Bang and southern tails

Sorry for the lack of posting but I've been dedicating all my spare time to catching up on Big Bang Theory.Pretty legit show, I highly recommend.Since I left you last week I've only done a couple blogable activities. Such as…

Monday morning Watson got me up at 3:30am to keep him company on the drive down to JoyRide 150. Breakfast Television was dong a special there so I figure I'd try and get my 15 seconds of fame.Since BT is prime time, I headed to the shop and polished up the single speed.There wasn't enough polish to make that bike good looking so I added a pair of whitewall tires and a white saddle.After the bike was ready I focused on me.Got the legs cleaned up with my new Venus razor (strong enough for men but made for a cyclist) and also washed the kit.Got down to JR150 safe and waited around for the cameras.When they did show up the weather took three slots and the xc portion was reduced. So we created a mini xc loop and road around Watson while he explained what it was like going to the olympics.I got in a couple laps so it was worth it, Havy said he buying Lu Lu Lemon sweater which is pretty huge.

Tuesday I hit the road out Sebright way to pick up some mail.Weather was awesome and roads were tame.Got out there, grabbed the mail and headed out into the head winds of HWY 46. Wasn't long before my first bonk of the year and the cravings of everyone else's dinner.Basically went into survival mode and tried to think of happy thoughts.Good ride though, every day out side is a good day.

Last couple day have been spent in Louisiana which is the true "LA" for some vacation time. Unfortunately like Andrews trip to the south I've had my fair share of rain.We've been staying on a catamaran for the last couple days, which has been some good livin to say the least.Nothing like livin on the open sea with nothing but wind in your hair and fish at your feet.