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Friday, January 7, 2011

countdown begins

So I am still not training and I'm not sure when I will be..There has been some light stuff going on but nothing really to do any positive advancements to the old body.I'm booked to see a doctor on tuesday and apparently she is pretty good at fixin people up so I am looking forward to that.I'm getting a little worried I might not be in racing form by the start of the least I will have a nice bike to ride around on...If every thing fails I think I will call it a building year and just work on getting my body to a point where it can hold its self together.Maybe pick and choose some fun races and just simply have some fun. Although I would love to kick some ass too.Time will tell, lets see what the doc says.Hey if someone wants to go to Joy Ride I'd be down.Thanks Andrew on the blog update and congrats on the signing, your a celeb for at least one more year!Peter I had a link to your blog, it was broken but I fixed it!For those who dont read Peters blog heres a pretty cool link staring levi leipheimer. If your interested in different techniques for stretching and stuff take a gander at the blog where it came from.