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Sunday, November 7, 2010

This won't take long

I'm just at the parents for my sisters B-day dinner so while I have the first glass of vino I'll tell you guys and girls what I have been up to.I'm still off the bike and filling in my training sessions with all that is the gym, the rest off the time I'm helping my dad out on the farm or working at the Bike Stop.My knees are feeling much better and thinking I might start the training season mid December hopefully on a Rocky MTM winter bike.The plan for the winter I think will be some long rides on the winter steed, I was thinking I might even try a stage ride or two. Pretty pumped for it, I just hope I don't get knocked off.....Wine is done so I'll go sit on the couch beside the fire.....cheers!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grow facial hair month....

I have been growing some facial hair for the past month now and it has just got past the point of the five o'clock shadow.Last night me and my house went out for some dancing at the local dance hall, and to get into the spirit of things I shave the man beard into a Fu man Chu.I was going to take a pic but I think I'll have to get my number one sponsor to send over a bottle of Just for Mens, the camera isn't really picking it up.I don't think I'll hold on to the Fu man Chu look, I'm thinking I might like to play with it a bit through out the month.

On a somewhat training note I hit up the gym last night for a nice stretching/core/upper body work out session.It felt good to be back at the gym pumping iron.Tonight I think I might head back and work on my bum a bit more,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Last night was the Monday Night Something Pulsar edition, where if you own a Pulsar you brought it out and took the other members for a ride.Unfortunately only Ben owns one and the rest of us had to settle for a ride along in the the driver seat.After the old gal cooled down we traded the car for our bikes and headed into the darkness.

I wanted to take it easy on the old knees so I did a swap with the J man and took his geared bike.The swap was a little easy and I didn't know why at the start of the ride.Turns out the bike is in need of a drive train and it skips more than a tub of peanut butter.So I spent the hole time behind the group and cutting through the Forest to make up ground.Andrew may have been cut off a number of times in the process.

Last couple K I decided to lay down some attacks and get in front of the group.Being the Pulsar edition I decided to show off my drifting skills which got me in the lead.Unfortunately Andrews cross skills came in handy when we came up to a down tree and he got back in front.First piece of double I heard someone say "don't worry there isn't enough room to pass" I thought to my self "I think they forgot who I am, I'm Tristan Spurr" and I took off through the bush, bunny hopped a boulder and regained the lead. Unfortunately there was another down tree and both Jacob and Andrew got by but a man has to try.

The rest of the ride was chill, execpt when we got back to the car and Ben saw his car......that was all but chill.Cheers