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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

days gone by

Last couple days have been spent as to the normal routine of eat, work, eat, work, eat, ride, eat, eat, sleep.Tonight I decided to ride out to Hardwood Ski And Bike to get signed up for the weekly series so I didn't have to deal with it on the first night.It's kinda of funny the amount of extra riding I am doing with out a car.I have also discovered commuting on a bicycle is kind of lame, but once you toss on the kit and shoes riding becomes exciting again.

Sine I only have one MTB at the moment I hoped aboard the U.S.S single speed and head toward H.W.S.A.B.I logged in a lot of spinning and hill intensity along the way.Arrived in recorde time, filled out the paper work and hit the Gnarly.I decided to ride Gnarly because next week is the winter bike classic and I wanted to be sure I somewhat knew where I was going.The crew had change a lot around since last year manly focusing on the beginning. The course now runs a lot of Sidewinder or T&T depending on you talk to.It's in alright shape, it could use a trimming in some spots.After the ride I met up with Jacob and we attempted the Bone Shaker backwards but it conquered us.I was on a SS so thats why I failed but JM had no excuses.

Ride home was next and went the same as the way there.The only difference is I jumped into Scouts Valley for some single track climbing before I headed onto HWY 12.Good ride all said and done.Tomorrow it's sounding like team Bike Stop Orillia might head to Oro to do some Barrie Cycling Club time trial action.Im not sure if I will try to break the old pain train tomorrow or not.Will have to wait and see.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

race report Mansfeild

So the thought was that everyone fast would be gone to Europe leaving the rest of us to fend for our selves.It didn't work out this way, in fact we got more fast people imported from the country to the east Quebec.All was good in my mind because it would give me a good idea of where I am at and what I need to work on.

Race started at a fairly high pace straight up that deadly gravel climb. I was holding my own but couldn't get up with Jacob because our category had increased in size.I saw an opening along side and put the power down to close the gap, got in 3 guys back from J.M in the first single track.The guys in front were kind of sand baging so put the power down on the next set of double track which got me up with J.M but turning onto the 2nd set of Single track my tires could hold on through the sand and I experienced my first fall.Got passed by all who I work hard to pass and started over.A little pissed I put down some more power coming out of a single onto a double and my tires gave out again for my second fall.

At that Point I decided to hold on with Brendan and just try to ride a smart race and pick it up on the last lap.Things were working out and I started to get into a bit of a groove.The pace in our little group did drop a bit so I went up to pick it up a bit follow with Brendo picking it up more.Which brings me to the sad part of my race, as I was decending on a rooting, sandy and very bumpy section my XTR shadow decided this was just unbearable and exploded. Not knowing what had happened I was looking down trying to figure it out and hit some quick sand causing crash number three.Race was over I was mad and Walked the walk of shame.

I think I might order up some X.O next week and see how that goes...Until then have a good night.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

takin her easy

Not a hole lot to report but I was just on AWI's site and watched a video interview.Andrew is redound for his hand talking but this time stuck his hands in his pockets to stop from doing it.The last ten seconds of the video I guess he couldn't hold it back any longer and his hand broke out from their cage for a quick hand talk for his fans.

video of the day

Monday, April 19, 2010

Continued and tonights MNS and I reveal the modern day Jesuses

During the manly attempt to regain some positions we came up rather quick to two rider yelling "on your left" Jacob made it past the one but half way through the pass he decided to merge in behind Jacob not knowing that the other half of the tandem and my self was there.At 34kmh he collided into my handle bars bounced off and rolled onto the ground.I yelled back to see if he was alright but the pain train wasn't stopping and I would have heard him anyway.More on that later.

The rest of the race was basically power power power chain fall off, power power power chain fall off repeated that for about five times through out.In between that though we caught Tammy twice, shake and baked Brandon twice, dropped Brandon and his group, Slipped and slopped in some mud and climbed some hills.

As for people drafting it pretty much went like this.They would yell to there group as we passed "hop on,go go hop on" get on the back of us, I would see this and answer back with more coal in the engine and they couldn't hold on to the never stopping Pain Bike Stop Orillia Express.At one point we had a good 20 man tail on a flat rail trail section,they didn't make it.....

Last km or so the course got really tandem unfriendly and wasn't the funnest but the second we saw the last climb Jacob and I were looking forward to the end.Half way up the steep ascent the spectators were out full force so I said to Jacob "Let's give the a show" I stood up and made a Lance Armstrong attack while Jacob was hammering in the saddle for what was probably the most spectacular climb of the day.At one point on climb I look over at a little girl standing beside her father and she turned to him and said "papa is that Jesus" and the father replied to the little girl "yes sweetie those to men are all that is man, and they don't look homosexual at all in spandex on a blue cruiser tandem almost hugging climbing the hill".Crossed the finish Line and almost immediately the fans and announcer rushed over. Finished answering questions and completed our after race interview and it was back to the car.

We took awhile by the car for snacks and such and even went inside the arena for more snacks and such.Ran into Havy and he asked if Jacob and I it someone on the trail because a guy limped in with blood dripping down his hand and a flat tire.We looked at each other and Laughed and replied "he hit us" Havy said "haha I knew it".Apparently he wasn't mad or anything so all was good.Hit up awards cheered on a Andrew and his talking hands then went up for our first in the Tandem field.Good race I think we might be looking for a more suitable tandem for next year.

Drive home is where things got a little dicey.So the car healed it's self when Liz drove it from Paris to Ancaster and I thought it was a little weird.You know the saying things get better before they get worse.Well driving down the QEW we heard a thump thump Crackle BANG BANG CRACKLE BANG SMACK all my loose change was flying every where, Jacob and Liz were screaming so I pulled over to the side of the road.Turns out the transmission didn't like to be attached to my car any more and decided to come in side with us.First tow truck came not CAA so he got back into his truck, cops came accused me of drinking and driving and got the tow truck to pull me off to a car pool lot.I yelled at the cops because they were being out of this world stupid they yelled at me, I yelled back and we parted ways.CAA comes and the first sketchy 5 tooth tow trucker tells me that the CAA guy is sketchy, so I was like tow truck drive 1 is total sketch so tow truck driver 2 must be like tow truck driver 1 but stoned or a rapist.Turns out he was just stoned which I guess is better than the other.... Said my good byes to the rescue crew of Andrew,Tammy and Jer and my co-piliots of Jacob and Liz. Jumped in to the truck and started the awkward conservations.

There were Jokes while waiting for the CAA mad to load the car on the truck that he would take me off the HWY and rape me then murder me.I didn't find it to funny but they did.Sure enough he did make it off the HWY and while this was happening I got on the phone and text my good byes.Turns out he need fuel and he also wanted to show me his favorite convenience store.He said he likes it because it has a Tim Horton's and also stocks trucker swag.....The rest of the ride home was filled with conversations like I" want to move to the country cause I know my way around a gun" or "so you bikecycle I like to ride my bike down stairs, haha man it's awsome haha" and even "the problem with truckin s those guys from india coming over and getting paid 15 bucks an hour.Know they do? there is three guys right and the take turns driving.When the need to use the washroom they go in this hole they cut in the floor.I Know this from a very reliable source right, my brother is a welder and those Indians who I dont have a problem with came and said can you weld the trailer?My brother looked under the trailer and he said the under body was cover in poop.(pg 13.)" Good drive home I learned a lot.But at the end of the day I was sure glad it was over.

MNs kicked off as usual tonight except no one showed other than Jacob and I.We didnt mind to much we just did a nice little ride talking about store stuff and other very important things.Ride ended before dark and since I dont't have a car anymore I rode home.It did get a little dark at the end but nothing I couldn't handle.Good ride good times and this post is way to long.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

P to A

Headed out late last night to meet up with Liz and Jacob to head on down to the hotel for Paris to Ancaster.There was talk about not taking my car because it had some sketch to it but I convinced Liz and Jacob to take it because it just adds to the adventure.

On the way to the hotel I was stuck behind a big bus and I was getting a bit sick of being there so I decided to shake and bake it only to realize that upon shaking and baking I had mist my turn off. Pulled off at the next exit and made A very loud thumpy turn around.Not ever hearing of feeling the new symptoms before in the old Subaru we were all a little worried.Arrived at the hotel with knowledge that the car was unhappy between the speeds of 0 and 30kph and that the drive home could be even more of an adventure then first thought.We checked into the hotel,went on an ice cream run then turned in.

After some breakfast we hit the road in the dieing beast towards Ancaster.The three of us went inside and got registered.Jump back in the car drove to Paris put the tandem together, spandex on and to the start pit. During the wait to begin there were a lot of guys smack talking us and asking why we up at the front, we just replied this bike is fast and so are we....

Gun went off so to speak and the race was on.We bolted to get to the front pushing people over and out of our way.Second corner first crash happened and the tandem manovered around like a well tuned machine.Continued down the rail trail where the first of 5 plus chain drops happened. The chain lodged in between the crank and bb which was a good 2 minute fix.We were mad and brandan yelling shake and bake as he passed us made it worse.When the chain was fixed we got back on and put the power down.

to be continued.......

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last couple

Last couple days have been pretty good on the home front.Yesterday night was spent testing out the tandem for the up coming 60km Paris to Ancaster race.Jacob and I took her for a spin on the beach trail for a nice easy spin.Peoples reaction to two guys in spandex on a blue cruiser tandem was really interesting to see.We even had one young lady ask if it was alright to give us her number. She was a little young so we kindly said no.A couple honks and waves and the ride ended at my house.The bike is feeling good and so are we so I think we could stand a chance on the weekend.

Also yesterday I went out to Hardwood Ski and Bike to meet up with Jason for some single track building technique lessons.We hit up Radical because it has a lot of stupid corners to up hill sections and many tight corner which is where I need most of my help.I learned a lot and have some stuff to lock into the ol brain before the next race.But I would like to thank Heather my coach and Jason for helpin a brother out.

Tonight We headed to the 8th line for some single track building for myself.I took my single speed and Jacob took his pro-type Giant Advanced Limited Special Edition Performance Hard Tail to test his new cranks.Some one has been in there doing some good maintenance on both the 8th and 7th.Unfortunately I ran into a problem were me being a huge man tank caused some serious shoe issues.To make a long story short the enormous power which comes from my legs ripped the carbon sole from my shoe.Jacob was in aw and I was like it happens all the time......Good ride.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Tonights venture was to my training grounds which is the Orillia beach trail.There is nothing better than a sunny day on it, there are so many more obstacles than just a normal day.

I wanted to test the legs out a bit since my race on Sunday failed so I included a couple intervals in tonight's work out.All was going well until a couple of skate boarders made a smart remark as I was passing.I kept on riding and finished my chill lap, turned around and started a race pace interval.Sure enough they hadn't got very far and I was coming full speed head on with them into a corner.There are two sides to the trail like a normal road so in theory you would think most people would stay on their own side so they don't get hit by an on coming person.These skaters didn't follow the rules and I'm not know to slow down for rule breakers or people who make smart remarks towards me.I decided to work on my cornering at that point and see how close I could get to them while pushing my top speed.I managed to get about an inch away from one pushing him on to the grass and scaring the others.I think I'm getting better at cornering.....

The rest of the ride was fairly tame and when ever I ran into those skaters they made sure to stay on their side of the trail.To sum up good ride good test and I even taught some kids the rule of the road oh and not to make fun of spandex.

Tomorrow I'm heading to HWSAB to be taught how to ride some single track by Mr.Jason.Looking forward to it.After that I think there is a plan to hit up the beach trail to test the tandem for the weekends race.Their could be a interview of the our thoughts about the race on tomorrows post.

Video of the day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Black teeth

Tonight's ride was an adventure ride to Black Tooth Grin a Giant Cannondale dealer in Barrie.Jacob and I started at his house and rode out via Ridge rd.The sun was showing but wasn't producing much heat so knee warmers and arm were a must.

Ride out we were just chatting when a cyclist was spotted in the distance, of couse we put down a little more power to breach the gap and pass.We caught him in no time but as it turns out he was an old friend from HS so I eased up and caught up a little.While in mid catch up Jacob interrupted and informed me that another cyclist was attempting to do the same to us from the behind, I thought that was kind of sneaky and would have none of it so the power came back on to put the time in on the mystery cyclist. We decided to ease up and to see if he could pass us so that we could pass him back but he never could close the gap.

Arrived At Black Tooth took a gander around,talked,chatted,gossiped,awkward silenced, replenished and even talked about some of our vids which we had posted on the net and they saw.Jacob and I are kind of a big deal......

Hit the road to Hawkstone talked bikes,races,bike stop,bike stops new fan page on fb (join it up)and I think even some girl talk happened.All in all a pleasant ride.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

First Race

the first race of the year for me was held at Masfeild for the 50k challenge.A couple big names showed up which had me a bit nervous. There was a call up to the starting line which had me confused because this was the first time this race had been raced.Off the bat I stated from the back which had me a little angry because I knew the majority of the people in front of me were going to try to win the race in the first 2kms.

Race bells rang and we were off.I headed to the left and Lances Armstronged it to the front group which had Peter,Jacob,Noble and some other fast guys in it.The course had a 2k start loop and 6k double track to the first set of single.We developed a train of about 7 guys and headed on our way.Legs were feeling good and I was hanging on with little effort which had me pretty pumped.

I was passed just before the first single track which would have been alright if the guy continued going fast but that was not the case.I could see the train disappearing in the distance and leaving me behind.We were warned about a "pot hole"that if we didn't mind riding through them we could.Well when the guy leading me came up to the "pot hole" he went head first into it leading me there as well.The "pot hole" more like a cavern grabbed a hold of my 7ooo series wheel bent it up and spat my carbon fiber saddle in the guys wheel.Front wheel bent and tire drained of air my race was over and I began the walk of same home.

Tonight after the race Jacob and I singed up for Paris to Ancaster so the next couple days we will be working on our tandem skills.


Fine tuning

for the last nights Jacob and I have been fine tuning the racing rigs for the weekend race at Mansfeild. Yesterday was my first ride on the XTC since last year and between brakes needing to be bled,cables redone and me growing a little the bike needed the attention.

Last night we spent two hours in Copeland riding up and down the bumps in search of the holy berms.Unfortunally we were unable to find them but Copeland did through a couple great pieces of single track at us.I would like to get in there sometime next week and tour around for a couple more hours and maybe even bring the Garmin.

Tonight Jacob had to try and seal up his tires for the weekend so we decided to ride to Barrie via rail trail for a coffee with Liz.Both ways we had to stop in the snow storm to pump up the rear tire but by the time we got back it was somewhat holding.Coffee and a Coffee toffee Browne were consumed and were delicious.Way home there was some strategy talk for the Mansfeild race and as well as who we thought would make it down.I just read Peters blog and looks like he might make an appearance which would be sweet because he is a strong rider and I am kind of using this race as a guide for what a O-cup could be like.So hope he can do it and check his blog out, he has a fantastic link to a Geoff Kabush interview.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Myth Busters

Tonight JM,Liazard and I filmed a little Myth buster session.The Myth was whether or not you would go over your handlebars if you were frame pumped like shown in the 1979 cycling film Breaking Away. Watch the vid and find out, I still need to work on my film editing skills but for now it will do.



I hate rain as of tonight....I have been spoiled with nice weather and it rains.On a plus not my legs are ready for when the sun does come out thanks to my Venus razor specially designed to cut down any kind of leg hair.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today was Jacobs first day back at the shop so we converstated (patent pending) about a ride for the evening and since there was no MNS event made it was up to us to cook something up.It was decided Midhurst at 7 with confirmed guests of Jacob,Lizard and .Not a bad size group but always could be bigger so when I arrived home I logged onto FaceBOOk to do some quick invites.Spak was out but there was still hope for another, a quick message later and Andrew was in.

Ride started at the new meeting spot at the board of education building in Midhurst and went through until 15 after 8.Mixed conversions,an attack or two,Lizard making fun of me,breathing of dust,other random riders playing chicken with me,Me loosing at the game of chicken and another Mns for te books.

I think this will be Watsons last MNS for a couple weeks because he is off to kick some butt in Guatemala so we at T.S.C.E Ltd. wishes Andrew luck and for him not to get deathly ill with some incurable foreign bacterial disease.Also he should remember two very important facts of racing which are no one remember 2nd and 2nd place is the 1st looser.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Waub a dub dub

Headed up to Spaks house for a little fixie pub ride with a bunch of people tonight only to find ot that we were in for way more of an adventure.I didn't want to be that guy who was late so I arrived super early and reviewed Matts new whip(whip means car).It's an interesting choice for his MLC but hey at least it's not the usual corvette.Slowly the rest of the group trickled in and we got on our way.

We were riding on the rail trail so you would expect the ride there to be fairly tame but no we had one flat and one chain malfunction which probably in the long run was better for them.The rest of the way there was tame, just the usual off road fixie riding,beer drinking,laughing,crying, tornadoes,hurricane force wind which came out of no where and bikes falling over.

Tammy and Jer drove out to meet us at the pub for the food and more beer portion of the ride, well Tammy and water that sparkled. I my self had two chicken clubs with a side ceaser salad mmmmm.During dinner mother nature was hammering the outdoors with wind and rain which put some concerned looks on peoples faces,it also could have been the fact none of us thought to bring lights for the night portion of the ride.Never the less we paid the lady and hit the road.

Walked out side and the sky opened up almost like a resurrection happened.First thing out of Lizards mouth was to tell me not to ride beside her,I said ok and she it a stick almost causing a massive pile up on HWY Waubabeachtrail. After that Scott and I took charge of barrier look out and protected the flock.Made it back alive and had a good chat by the cars.good times.Andrew had a camera so maybe check his blog for photo and ride details later.


Friday, April 2, 2010

And the sun was shining....

Woke up a little ill from my friends birthday last night so I jumped into the car and met up with Jacob and Lizard for what was to be a 4 hr ride.First bit of the ride was fairly tame and I was searching for some leg power which seemed to no be present.Lizard jetted off down a back ally on Old Barre rd. and left Jacob and I to finish the task at hand.

Jacob used the interweb to map our ride and sure enough it told him to go down a road which hasn't been built yet.Instead of turning around we decide the railway was the better route to get to the road we needed.70 meters down the rail bed and Jacob flatted, which wouldn't have been to bad if either one of us carried a tube and pump.A call went out to Johny or John or Jon for a drive by pit stop and got the bike fixed up.As we finished the install two cyclist ripped past us in the direction we weren't going to go, so we looked at each other gave a nod and went on an attack.They had gained some time while we were stopped but the two Giants closed the gap and demolished the inferior Cannondale and another bike that I couldn't see the name because we were going to fast.We did some horseshoe valley and head back to Jacobs to finish off at 2:30.

Since the ride was suppose to be 4hrs once I arrived home I filled the bottles and headed out to visit the summer camp in Waub.Arrived said hello and headed homeward.The legs were feeling fairly drained at this point and the headwind wasn't helping,the only thing I could do is put the head down and give er.Made it home safe but burnt to a crisp maybe I should replace all the winter gear with sunscreen.